Four Pillars of NHCC

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden” (Matthew 5:14). At New Hope Christian College (NHCC), our campus is a light on a hill, and we are building up students to shine brighter in the darkness! With a foundation in the Lord, NHCC stands on four main pillars: academics, community, creative arts, and leadership training.

Our academic team works closely with each student to formulate a personalized plan for success. We recognize that every student has different needs and goals, and we want to partner with you to help you succeed in academics. Classes on campus allow students to grow a solid understanding of how to read and understand the Bible for all that it is worth as well as how to navigate and think through current issues. Academics is a core part of NHCC because we see how crucial it is to develop the minds of our future leaders and ensure that they can represent the Lord well and think critically.

As one alumni says, “New Hope is wrapped up in the culture of family. Not only do students get to grow and live life closely with their peers, but the professors are invested in each and every student and dedicated to helping them learn and grow into the people that the Lord has called them to be.” NHCC is a small and close-knit college in order to allow students to foster meaningful relationships with every staff and student that they encounter on campus. Our staff is dedicated to the spiritual and character development of each student. On campus, we have several ways that students are able to build their relationships including Open Mic Nights, Snow Days, All-Star Volleyball and Basketball games, barbeques, Harvest Parties, Coast Days, and plenty of informal gatherings where students come together and fellowship. In order to facilitate their relationship with the Lord, we have communal devotional times, worship nights, weekly chapel services, and weekly life groups where students meet with a staff member and do life together.

Creativity is celebrated as a powerful means of expressing faith given to us by God. Through music, drama, art, and various creative outlets, students can worship and convey the Gospel uniquely and effectively. The college encourages its students to use their gifts to inspire, uplift, and ultimately bring glory to God. Through our creative arts program and on-site lab church, our students have a safe space to practice and try things out in a real-world setting while being under the cover and mentorship ship of their pastors and professors. Students get to be involved in the filming of music videos; events such as Christmas, Easter, and Cowboy Church; and weekly services at our lab church, New Hope West. Students can be involved in the creative planning, execution, and debriefing alongside pastors and professionals.

These mentors work with the students individually to give them hands-on leadership training in addition to working with teams. By offering practical opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills, both inside and outside the classroom, NHCC equips them to be servant leaders who make a tangible impact on the world. These opportunities range from ministry involvement to mentoring and community outreach where students learn, do, and then lead. Additionally, there is a mentorship with the students as their leaders guide them in not just their skills, but also their walks with Christ. NHCC is not just educating students; we are developing the next generation of leaders who can then go out into the world and be shining ambassadors for Christ.

If you want to become a leader in ministry with skill, experience, and a strong relationship with the Lord, NHCC is the best place for you to receive your education. NHCC is excelling in academics, community, creative arts, and leadership training for the sake of turning students into leaders, and we would love for you to be a part of what we do here on campus.

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