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Students at NHCC are given several opportunities to be involved in the process of planning and governing.
Student leadership opportunities include Associated Student Body Executive Council (ASB).

Student Council & ASB Representatives

The Associated Student Body of New Hope Christian College is represented in College government by
elected executive officers from the student body and by other student representatives.

ASB Representatives

Elected ASB officers represent students in liaison roles with NHCC President’s Cabinet, on the
Accreditation Steering committee, and by representation on several standing committees. These five ASB
offices include:

  • President–the ASB President serves the student body as the executive authority for all ASB activity and as
    the liaison between the ASB and the President’s Cabinet, faculty and staff.
  • Vice President–the ASB Vice President serves the student body as the support and accountability to the
    ASB President. They are specifically in charge of overseeing and supporting Student Council
  • Campus Culture Director–the Campus Culture Director serves the student body by supporting the
    community’s pursuit of character through connecting students, empowering students, and creating
    community activities in such a way that students’ voices are heard and they are encouraged to grow
  • Communications Director-the Communications Director serves the student body as the head of
    communications. The communications director is responsible for the recording of minutes in every meeting
    maintaining consistent updates to the ASB Advisor and any Faculty and Staff needed.
  • Activities’ Director-Activities’ Director serves the student body by listening to the students’ desires,
    having a pulse of campus tone and planning, organizing, and executing campus events to fit the desires of
    the student body.
  • D-Crew Captain-comes up with themes for athletic games and activities as well as rally the students, fans,
    and staff and faculty for athletic home events. The D-Crew coordinator serves the student body by
    promoting the core values and by representing them in matters or our Athletic events.
New Hope Christian College is an institution that trains Christian leaders in a practical and meaningful way.Class of 2023

Classes at New Hope Christian College are designed for students to develop leadership skills! A couple classes include:



Aspiring Christian leaders can learn some of the most important biblical leadership lessons from Pastor Wayne through the Leadership Essentials class! We asked the top pastors and Christian leaders the following questions: "What would be best courses or classes that you wished you had studied in college or seminary but were never taught?" "What would you like to teach your leaders, staff, or members in your congregation or organization to help them to become a better leader and witness to the World?" From this leadership survey, we came up with the "Leadership Essentials" that make up this class.



New Hope Christian College offers distinctly practical ministry leadership experience where students are individually and directly mentored by qualified professionals in ministry. Students learn leadership values and skills from live ministry situations in our lab growing lab church right on campus. The practicum courses focus on exploring one’s calling, learning basic ministry skills, leading oneself, leading another individual, leading a team, and then leading a team of teams.

I have developed new and deeper leadership skills here, and I have learned my capacity and leadership style. I’ve had opportunities to shepherd others and learn all that comes with doing that.Class of 2020

The Leader's Inner Life

"We asked the top pastors and Christian leaders the following questions: What would be the best courses or classes that you wished you had studied in college or seminary but were never taught?..."

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