The academic program is sufficient to transfer knowledge and information, but if we want to succeed in life in ministry and in the marketplace, we need more than just information. We need a deep-seated faith in God, a relationship with Him that is central to our existence and an ever-developing character that is shaped by His Spirit.

Life groups exist to help develop a student’s character, mind and soul through discipleship and serving, expanding their communication and people skills and bringing out the fullness of their God-given potential. It is the life-shaping, spiritual-formation program within our curriculum that makes New Hope Christian College so unique. Integral to life groups is participation in a local church while attending NHCC.


How Do Life Groups Work?

Life groups are a type of leadership immersion program that encompasses life at NHCC and at a local Eugene area church. For example, if you enroll in a language immersion school such as a French immersion program, the moment you walk onto that campus, you speak only French. No other language is allowed. This allows for an expedited language competency and a deeper ability to communicate. Life groups are similar. When the students walk onto the NHCC campus, they are expected to seriously pursue discipleship and to make knowing Jesus, growing in Jesus, serving Jesus and sharing Jesus priorities—both on campus and in their local church.


Life Group Leaders

All full time students are assigned to an Life Group Leader who helps mentor and disciple them over the course of the academic year. The Life Leaders are led by the Student Life Department. The Life Group Leaders and RA’s experience training and evaluation on a continuing basis.

The key to life groups is Christian discipleship and Christian leadership with underclassmen and upperclassmen. For many incoming students, College is a huge shift from high school. Life Group Leaders encourage, support and keep students accountable to the values instilled by Christ and New Hope Christian College.


Growth Through Relationships

"Coming to New Hope Christian College was one of the hugest blessings, and I have grown so much being here. Not only have I built relationships with the staff and students..."

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