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We are excited to announce that this summer our students have the opportunity to join us on campus to be a part of one of our three internships. This summer internship is different from any internship we’ve had in the past as we are actually offering internships with New Hope International, New Hope West, and New Hope Christian College, and in each internship, students will be paid by the hour and working on a variety of projects.

Our New Hope International interns will be working for NHI to sort through the archived sermons from Pastor Wayne over the decades. They will be editing sermons and taking notes in order for us to launch the website NHI+ that we are excited to see. The NHI+ website will be a streaming service similar to Netflix where users can search topics or stories and find meaningful messages from over the years. The best part about the internship is that our students are being paid to take notes and listen to sermons! Their notes will be used in different ways to make the videos more accessible to viewers.

Meanwhile, New Hope West interns will be working in areas of children’s and youth ministry over the summer, and we are especially looking forward to our youth camps this summer! This year, we will be having a high school and middle school summer camp with the theme “The Next Generation.” Our students are excited about the opportunity to continue to pour into the lives of the middle schoolers and high schoolers in our community as they are our next generation. Our NHW interns are those who are already leading on campus in their respective ministries and have shown leadership and excellence.

Throughout the week, we will also be having students working on campus for the college to renovate various areas of campus including the dorms, offices, grounds, and more. This is a great chance for students to work with their hands and their friends this summer while also beautifying the campus and making necessary repairs.

Finally, one of the best parts about our entire summer program is the fellowship. Summers are loved by the students as a time of fellowship and building relationships in a more intimate setting while earning money. Students will be joining our Wednesday morning devotions with community members from our church as well as our Friday morning staff devotions. In this way, our students won’t just be building relationships with one another; they will also be able to continue to build relationships with our staff members and those in our community.

Our summer internship started just this week, and we already know that it will be the best internship yet! Please partner with us in prayer for our students and all God will be doing in their lives over the next few months this summer. Thank you so much to all of you who have donated and made these internships possible through your generosity. Having on-campus internships makes a huge difference for our students in making their education affordable, so we appreciate your continued support.

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