New Hope Church & College

Developing Hearts, Hands, & Minds

New Hope “Church & College” is a joint venture that has the training of emerging leaders as one of its core values. For the NHCC students, New Hope West has become a “lab church” where they can gain real-life experience and develop true ministry skills every week. The majority of the students at New Hope Christian College have said, “Yes!” to following the call to ministry, and most of those are engaged in New Hope West, a thriving church on campus. Planted only two years ago, NHW delivers the Gospel to about 1500 each week in live attendance and over 3,000 more online. Students gain biblical foundations in college and real-life experience by applying what they are learning at New Hope West.  

The three major themes that lead the concentrations at NHCC are: 

  • Theology & Leadership
  • Creative Arts
  • Tech & Production

Theology and leadership students are able to make the most of our lab church by gain real experience in ministry. Pastoral students get mentored as they minister to those in our community, translate messages into their native language, lead Life Groups, lead youth ministries, host online services, prepare people for baptism, and follow up on prayer requests. Students studying children’s education serve in the Children’s ministry and teach classes for over 150 children every Sunday. Students learning about counseling are able to learn from professional counselors in the classroom as well as work at their side in the counseling and organizing of weddings, memorial services, and more. 

Creative arts students have the opportunity to gain practical training through our instructors and platform at our on-site lab church. Students recieve private lessons with tutors and then are able to apply their training on stage and on camera. Students are able to play instruments, sing, dance, and act with a live audience and mentors.

Tech & production students remove distractions and increase the focus on the Gospel’s message through lights, multi-media, video and sound reinforcement. Tech and production students have access to industry standard equipment in order to produce quality work they can use in their portfolios and have the experience needed for working in different venues. The next generation of emerging Christian leaders, and New Hope students are getting a head start in ministry!

New Hope Christian College is a premier ministry training ground. Students earn college credit as part of a practicum program. This opportunity combines the discipline of academic study with the practical experience that results in actual lives being touched by the Gospel. 

The results?  In 2023 alone:

  • Over 590 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ for the first time.
  • 107 people were baptized.
  • 350+ are engaged in volunteer ministry each week

Our NHCC students have the opportunity of a lifetime to be a part of planting and growing a 21st-Century church that will not only reach their community but will also reach their generation with the call of Jesus. That “Call” is an invitation to become an exceptional ministry leader in these crucial times when our world is in need of the Gospel as never before!

“NHCC was a safe place to try things and make mistakes, which I believe is a very big part of life. My training here has also prepared me with job skills and has given me qualifying experiences.”

NHCC Alumnus, Class of 2022

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