Following God’s Call

My name is Olivia Wrede, and I am a senior at New Hope Chrisitan College studying in our Christian Counseling program. 

There are so many ways that God has moved in my life while here at NHCC including showing me His call on my life to move to Eugene and go to school here. I started attending NHCC with the understanding that I wanted to finish school and do full-time ministry within the mental health field. I did not think I would go through much character growth because I was starting out as an older student; however, I was happily wrong. 

My God-given dream of ministry and counseling grew and developed through my time at NHCC, and I love where the Lord has taken me. I have grown in all aspects of my life, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I was both encouraged and stretched by my leaders who invested and believed in me. Throughout the process of receiving my education, I have developed and evolved as a Christian and a leader by trusting God and leaning into His calling.

Understanding that the call on my life was greater than what I could ever imagine; God used students and teachers in my life here to propel me forward and to truly reach my potential as a student and a leader. It has been a blessing to not only see God work in my life, but this is the story of each of the students here, those who have been called to see God work in miraculous ways. There are so many times when I hear the stories of people not sure of going here because of how much money they have, or that they do not know why God has called them to come. However, those who listen to God’s call and come to campus can see how God moves, how He grows people, and how He changes them into the best version of themselves.

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