Earn While You Learn

New Hope Christian College is the perfect option for those wishing to further their studies in ministry and gain hands-on experience at the same time. Whether it be for a degree in pastoral studies, creative arts, or any other field, the college’s tuition assistance program makes it possible for students to finance their education as they go. With scholarship and internship opportunities available, every student is equipped to dedicate their full attention to academics, ministry training, and practical application while earning their tuition.

Our on-campus church, New Hope West, gives students a one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain real-world knowledge in the realm of ministry. The lab church provides students with a platform to be mentored as they engage in ministry. While they put their gifts to use and learn from experienced practitioners, students are also able to gain college credit. Various ministry practicums are tailored to each student’s field of study including children’s ministry, worship team, online ministry, graphic design, media and production, counseling, youth ministry, marriage and family ministry, and much more. After completing their program, graduates can proudly display over 1400-1600 hours of practicum experience on their resumes. New Hope Christian College strives to provide a Biblical and multidimensional leadership experience that provides a solid foundation for the future.    

In addition to earning hundreds of hours of experience, students also earn scholarships while they learn. NHCC offers our Ambassadorial Internship in addition to work study hours. By serving to make our campus a better place, students make their education even more affordable. At NHCC, our students earn scholarships and a portfolio while they are learning and pursuing their God-given dreams.

“NHCC was a safe place to try things and make mistakes, which I believe is a very big part of life. My training here has also prepared me with job skills and has given me qualifying experiences.”

NHCC Alumnus, Class of 2022

“This is one of the things I love so much about our classes at New Hope: we receive education and book knowledge, but we are also given specific ways to utilize that knowledge in our everyday lives and callings. For this purpose, many classes include both in-class and practicum hours. There are many opportunities around the campus and beyond to employ what we have learned in class, through venues such as on-campus jobs, tutoring other students, joining outreach teams, and so on.”

NHCC Alumnus, Class of 2020

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