Doing Church As a Team!

Last week, our team hit the road and attended the annual Worship Northwest Conference, hosted at the Dayspring Fellowship, in Keizer, Oregon. For a big event like this, we love to put the DCAT (Doing Church As a Team) method into practice. Our teams prepared music, drama sketches, and lesson plans At this year’s conference, Pastor Wayne was featured as the keynote speaker, which allowed our team the opportunity to host the first main session of the event. We had our students and staff involved in all areas—worship, tech and production, and media—allowing each to walk in their giftings in a new space.

Pastor Wayne Cordeiro brought a hopeful yet realistic sermon on working through a burnout season as a leader. Throughout his message, Pastor utilized things like humor to draw people on as he tackled such a heavy topic. He didn’t merely advise leaders; he shared his own experience of dealing with burnout and his journey of learning through wisdom and consequences.

When I think about burnout, I immediately think about finding balance. It’s natural to feel that sense of imbalance, which sometimes provokes a panicked response. We often think that everything needs to be still for things to be balanced; however, the reality is that we are constantly moving, life moves around us, and we serve a dynamic and moving God. Therefore, Pastor Wayne introduced the Fulcrum Principle. The fulcrum is something that provides support, which aids us in finding balance. For example, you might find yourself in the season where God is trying to bring your attention to certain things in your life. Sometimes that feels like pressure, or it might show up in an actual situation. No matter what it is, we have the opportunity to respond. This is when we must shift the position our fulcrum to support the present weight. It is only when we move that we can truly find that sense of balance. If we acknowledge the reality that things are constantly moving then we need to challenge the narrative that balance can only take place in stillness.

As the conference continued, the Lord’s presence was evident. There is truly something special about being in a room filled with other worship leaders from all over the place—from various cities in Oregon, throughout the Pacific Northwest, and all the way from Canada. It was amazing to learn about where people came from and for there to be a safe place for leaders to share their experiences and learn from each other. I truly believe this experience reflected what we see in Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

When the body of Christ comes together in harmony, miraculous things occur.

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