Devotions with Pastor Wayne

We hope this short devotional by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro can bless you today and encourage you to be a life-long learner. Using the SOAP method, this devotional follows the Life Journal Daily reading plan where the Scripture for today is: Ecclesiastes 4,5,6; Psalms 18; Ephesians 3


“He makes my feet like hinds feet,  and he causes me to stand on the heights. He trains my hands for battle; my arms can bend a bow of bronze.” (Psalm 18:33-34)


God is love, and that love often takes the form of a strict and challenging trainer. Notice the phrase: “He trains my hands for battle.” We love the encouragement of God, but we don’t always have the same attitude when it’s time to get up early and train, run laps, and lift weights.    

He trains my hands for battle — “… so my arms can bend a bow of bronze.”  

  • How often do you think David slung stones at targets in the wilderness? 
  • How many hours do you think he studied military strategy? 
  • How many hours do you think he spent training to be an elite swordsman?  

He didn’t get there by God’s blessings alone. It came with God’s training.


In David’s day, they had bows of bronze! The ability to shoot that heavy bow without injuring yourself or others around you required some serious training. I have a carbon fiber 60-pound bow. That’s hard enough to pull back! How many pounds would a bronzed one require to do the same? As Christians, we want God to be a doting grandmother, not a trainer; a genie, not a coach; an affirming friend, not an instructor. But, if I don’t allow Him to be my trainer, I’ll never reach the top of the high places. My “hinds’ feet” will have blistered because they’re too soft, and I’d be out of breath by the time I’m halfway there.


Father, thank You for being the Giver of all gifts and the trainer of all gifts. I know that gifts are given in potential form and must be converted from potential to actual … and that takes training. So please instruct me and develop my skills so I will be deserving of victory. 

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