Called to Serve: Ministering Internationally

Hi, my name is Kazuya Senoo, and I am going into my senior year here at New Hope Christian College.

I am currently serving on the Photography Team, Worship Team, and Men’s Ministry at New Hope West. Serving at this church is more than just doing something. Together with ministry members, we build relationships with each other, share joy, and fight together to win lost souls through serving God and people. For example, we have learned that taking a picture is not just taking a picture. We are not just pressing the shutter button of the camera. We are moved by God’s beauty and power, and through the act of taking pictures, we are offering praise to God. Through the photos we take, we are sharing the story of God’s miracles in the lives of this church and its people.

Before coming to Oregon, I served as a pastor in Japan for about five years. It was truly an exciting time to be working for the gospel in Japan. But God made me realize that although I began my walk with Him in faith 18 years ago, I was beginning to make various decisions based on my circumstances, rather than having faith. While thinking and praying about my next steps, God asked me to go back to college. I felt ill-equipped; I didn’t have the money to study abroad, I didn’t have enough English skills, and it would be difficult for me to leave my church since I was leading various ministries. And God said to me, “See? You’re letting circumstances determine your walk, not your faith, aren’t you?” And He was rightI was. Realizing this, I decided to leave everything to God and take the first step. At that point, the necessary finances for the first semester were given to me! New leaders were raised up in my church! And as for classes, well, I’m hanging in there somehow! God is so good, faithful, and gracious!

I’m going to graduate from New Hope Christian College in May and will return home in July. Japan is a country where the population is less than 1% Christian, and it is known as the missionary graveyard. Over 30,000 people commit suicide each year and many go through life not knowing they are loved. I have a dream to travel around the country of Japan in a camper and share the gospel with people. The things I am learning at this college and at NHW will help me in my mission in Japan: the excellent professors at NHCC, and the music, photography, and discipleship training I am learning in the ministry at NHW are all truly amazing. And the people of NHCC and NHW have always loved, encouraged, and supported me and my walk with God. I hope to love and encourage many people in Japan as they do and share God’s love and forgiveness. I believe that the day when Japan will be changed by God’s love is almost here. God’s work is already happening in Japan! Please come to Japan someday!

I am grateful to NHW for giving me the opportunity to believe in, encourage, and nurture the gifts God has given me and serve me. And I’m so glad I get to share life and praise God with you all!

Written by a student, Kazuya Senoo

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