A Freshman Perspective

New Hope Christian College is thrilled to be able to present this testimonial from on of our on-campus freshmen, Jillian Andrews! We hope that you can be encouraged by her testimony of coming to NHCC and experiencing campus life.

Going to a Christian college was never a goal of mine. I attended a local community college at first, but I didn’t follow through with my commitment to school, which led to not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I can now honestly say that I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to attend New Hope Christian College where I am finding and following the calling that God has placed on my life. There are so many things that I’ve let go of while being here on campus—things such as my laziness, depression, and anxious thoughts. This year I am a freshman, and I am so excited to learn, grow, and succeed. Being here at NHCC has taught me many things. 

NHCC has been a major part of my life and decisions. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my family and friendships. The many relationships I have made here are unbelievable. While I had a hard time committing to college in the past, I committed to this college because I am committed to growing in my relationship with God. While life hasn’t been the easiest thing to navigate, I know in my heart that it will all be okay. Some may ask how or why I know this, but it is because I trust in the Lord. I have faith in Him and his promises to me and others. I can trust him with all I have and know he will always be with me. Everyone should know about Jesus because he is our one true king. He loves us unconditionally and he always will. 

I have learned three key things while being here and those things are that friendships are important, being loving is vital, and growing in your relationship with God is important. Instead of going to isolate ourselves from the world and people, we should be out in the world in fellowship with one another. That includes going to church, serving, and quality time with each other. The world needs to grow in many ways and one of those ways is through Christ. Jesus is all we need and all we’ll ever need. Lastly, we all want to succeed in something whether it’s in sports, school, or in life in general. I want to succeed in life and all it has to offer. There is no way any of us would be here without God. That is part of why I decided to choose NHCC as a school. Not only is it a school it is also a family, church, and an amazing community. 

Above all else, through my journey coming to NHCC, I have learned to look to Jesus and within his presence. He will never fail you nor forsake you. He’s got you no matter your circumstances. Your circumstances or mistakes don’t define you. The way you act on those things is what matters. I hope what I am learning at NHCC can encourage you this week.

Coming to New Hope Christian College was one of the greatest blessings, and I have grown so much being here. Not only have I built relationships with the staff and students that will last me a lifetime, but I have also developed my relationship with God and even got baptized recently! I hope you get the chance to be here and experience a life-changing opportunity in your walk with God.

Abby Galvez, Class of 2025

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