New Hope Christian College is an institution that trains Christian leaders in a practical and meaningful way. The NHCC logo is a flame, and this flame perfectly captures the duality of New Hope. Just as a flame produces both heat and light, NHCC provides both in-class and hands-on training. In the classroom, students are able to learn and engage their minds in a Christian setting. Minds are trained as students take courses to develop their thinking, their leadership, and their knowledge of their chosen field. Small classrooms allow for close teaching and in-depth discussion with teachers and peers. Classes with trained and experienced teachers allow students to further their understanding and wisdom in various areas in both general classes as well as classes specific to their degrees. This knowledge is then put into practice every week at the on-campus church, New Hope West. By providing knowledge in both a classroom setting and a live setting, students are able to graduate with experience and a mind that reflects Christ’s own mind. 

“This is one of the things I love so much about our classes at New Hope: we receive education and book-knowledge, but we are also given specific ways to utilize that knowledge in our everyday lives and callings. For this purpose, many classes include both in-class and practicum hours. There are many opportunities around the campus and beyond to employ what we have learned in class, through venues such as our lab church, on-campus jobs, tutoring other students, joining outreach teams, and so on” (NHCC Graduate, 2021).

People ask what is different about NHCC – we are a small Bible College which gives us the unique opportunity to truly get to know our students individually and personally.  We invest in each student academically, but most importantly we invest in their spiritual growth.  By the time they walk across the stage to receive their diploma, they will receive more than a piece of paper indicating an earned degree.  Through years of relationship-building and intentional mentoring with NHCC faculty and staff, each student will walk boldly across the stage with a firm understanding of who they are in Christ and the skills they need to succeed in the ministry and marketplace. 

Join us on campus, February 1st, to experience NHCC for yourself! This Preview Day will give you the opportunity to receive free training on how to file your FAFSA for federal tuition assistance, sit through a college class, tour campus, meet our staff, and receive a $1000 scholarship along with a free lunch.

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