Unleashing Excellence

When I first began looking at colleges, I knew there were specific things I would need to foster my education. The absolute necessities were that it was a college that would help me build a strong Christ-centered foundation, would be able to further my experience in my degree, and encourage me to seek excellence in my education. My name is Teuila Lafi, and I am excited to start my junior year in the Creative Arts department at New Hope Christian College this fall. 

When I visited New Hope, I realized that they truly put an emphasis on excellence. This excellence wasn’t limited to grades or test results, but it was an excellence that pushed me beyond my comfort zone, beyond what I thought I was capable of doing on my own. This wasn’t the result of a lecture or a generic lesson given to a group of students; it was intentional teaching and correction specific to me. My private lessons at the college have helped me locate the areas where I need to improve in both singing and acting. Working with my mentor one-on-one every week has not only immensely furthered my ability and skills, but has targeted my understanding of the craft because I get to work with someone who has done this for years—both in the ministry and marketplace. Meeting with a professional has guided my journey and growth as an actress and vocalist to a higher level of excellence

Whether you’re someone interested in anything from graphic design to guitar, there are opportunities to have private lessons with an expert who has mastered their craft and is more than willing to pour out their own time, energy, skill, and knowledge. I am honored to not only learn from these leaders but also do life with them. They are not just inspirations but examples I strive to become.

Teuila Lafi, Class of 2025

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