In the Technology and Production Concentration, you will learn sound reinforcement (live/recording), video production (presentation software, live broadcast, and original content), lighting and set design, stage direction blocking, graphic design aesthetics, project management, and production. There is a great need in the contemporary church for skilled technicians in sound, lighting, and video.

Courses in the Technology & Production Concentration

Live Mixing

  • Learn the art and science of mixing live music.

Recording and Logic Pro

  • Gain experience recording, editing, and mixing sound for recording projects.

Video Recording and Final Cut Pro

  • Learn to video and edit visual media.

Technology in Ministry

  • Gain field experience with lighting, sound, and video.

Worship and the Arts

  • Learn about the Biblical foundation for the arts in Christian worship.

Creative Arts Integration

  • Examine the vision and process for integrating the creative arts in ministry settings. Learn and apply principles and methods for programming, producing, and evaluating life-changing services.

Cross-Training: Music

  • Learn the basics of music so that you can communicate with your creative arts team.

Cross-Training: Dance & Drama

  • Learn the basics of dance and drama so that you can communicate with your creative arts team.

Private Lessons

  • Work one-on-one with a master artist to improve your mixing, video, and lighting skills.