Edification Through Dr. Guy Higashi’s Vision

In an amazing partnership with our lab church, New Hope West, New Hope Christian College aims not only to equip emerging young leaders in their theology through their academics and studies but also through experience … Read More

See You Tomorrow

As the five of us walked up to the crowd waiting to enter the Gas South Arena in Duluth, Georgia the rumble of excited voices could be heard. The quick footsteps walking up the stairs … Read More

Refined For A Higher Purpose

As the days ramp up to graduation, I take a moment to sit down, breathe, and reflect on where I am at in life. It may sound cliché, but these past four years of my … Read More

11? 12? 120? 3,000!

New Hope Christian College offers Small Group and Interpersonal Communication Dynamics, a course designed around concepts taught in Acts 1 and 2.  In this course, we discuss moving from a few people getting together to … Read More