Success and Achievement in Christ

Success and achievement in Jesus Christ look very different than I expected. My name is Michael Romero, and I am a graduating senior from the Ministry Leadership program at New Hope Christian College. Thanks to the tutoring and academic mentorship available on campus, I was able to adapt and achieve personal and academic success.

When I began my academic journey at New Hope Christian College, I did not begin as an achiever. I lacked many of the basic reading, writing, and scheduling skills that would be necessary to help me with heavier classes, but by the grace of God, I was not only accepted but given the opportunity to try and fail until I succeeded. Through many struggles, time and time again, I wanted to quit and I would have if it were not for the great help God gave to me from Dr. Donald Grafton and Floria Grafton. Their trust in Jesus Christ and belief in His plan for me as well as His plan to place me at New Hope Christian College was and is an encouragement to me. They took their own personal time to teach me the fundamentals and basics of English that I should have already known from high school as well as the time to help me understand my academic strengths and weaknesses. In my past academic and life experiences, once I failed a trial, I allowed myself to feel condemned by that failure; however, thanks to the Lord and mentorship on campus, I know that I am not tied to my failures and can succeed in both academics and life. Dr. Grafton, Floria Grafton, and the academic department have given me the opportunity to see the grace of Jesus Christ by allowing me to fail without condemnation and by guiding me to success through my failures. Now, I understand that failure—though painful—provides opportunities for growth which turn into stepping stones for success.

In my personal and academic life because of Jesus, New Hope Christian College, has given me the opportunity to learn a new way of walking, talking, and living with Jesus Christ. When I first arrived my personal life and academic relationship with Jesus was simply just having faith that He was good and He had a good plan for my life. The need for daily study of God’s word, worship, and time with Jesus has been life-changing. Over the course of the last six years as a student, Jesus Christ has given me the opportunity to learn about what he has called me to through New Hope Christian College.  Jesus has given me the strength to grow with Him in my faith through academics. I am eternally grateful to Jesus Christ for His support. 

Before I knew Christ, I never thought I would attend a college, let alone a Christian college. I did not consider just how good Jesus Christ is or how good His plan for my life would be. Today, I stand on the precipice of a great plan, a promise Christ has given me. I stand about to attain a bachelor’s degree in Ministry Leadership and Pastoral Studies and can proclaim to you how wonderful our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ truly is. Somedays all we have is faith and love in Him, so please continue to listen to His voice and hear His promise. Let’s finish the race He has given us (2 Timothy 4:6-8).

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