Student consumer complaint process

Contact Information and Grievance Processes

Here is the contact information from some of the team that is dedicated to helping you grow and resolving issues!


If you feel that you have been mistreated or discriminated against or accommodations for learning have not been met, contact your Academic Advisor or Ignite Team Leader. (For more information connect with the Academic Administrative Assistant.) If for any reason they are unable to resolve the issue, you should report in writing incidents to the Academic Dean or the Dean of Students. If it is academic in nature contact the Academic Dean. If it is any other type of matter such as misconduct, discrimination, or harassment contact the Dean of Students.



Academic Administrative Assistant

Phone: (541) 485-1780 ext. 3312


Academic Dean
Donald Grafton
Phone: (541) 485-1780 ext. 3300

Dean of Students

Aaron Cordeiro 
Phone: (541) 485-1780 ext. 3310


Accreditation Complaints:

New Hope Christian College is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education. Students who desire to file a complaint against the College relating to its compliance with the ABHE standards may use the following address: ABHE, 5575 South Semoran Blvd., Suite 26/Orlando, FL  32822-1781. 


Title IX Complaints (Just a link to the Student Handbook)


FERPA Complaints   (Just a link to the FERPA page)


NC-SARA Student Complaints Process (Just a link to the SARA page)


Students with complaints that cannot be resolved through New Hope Christian College should submit a complaint with Oregon’s Office of Degree Authorization.