Spiritual Growth Checklist

The semester is coming to an end, and it’s almost time for finals! In the spirit of assessments, we wanted to offer you the opportunity to do your own assessment with our Spiritual Growth Checklist! This is one of the ways that we look for growth in our student body, and we love using this as a guide for watching students mature and grow to be more and more like Christ. 

Spiritual Growth Checklist:

If Jesus is a 10, how would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10?

  1. Attitudinal Maturity

Attitudinal maturity refers to a person’s ability to keep a positive, faith-filled heart that is reflected in his or her speech, conduct, faith, love, and purity. This person is able to resolve temporary negative emotions that may reduce their ability to show respect, cordiality, and other facets of relational decorum. Are you able to stay calm and focused on the Lord even in hard times?

  1. Integrity

This person is able to connect, in ever-increasing ways, their words with their actions, to follow through on wise commitments that help to make them dependable and trustworthy. Are you honest and reliable? Does your yes mean yes and your no mean no?

  1. Time Management

A ten in time management is an individual who assesses his or her priorities and aligns them with their stewardship of time. They can adequately budget their days and energy expenditures to fulfill the purpose and assignment God has given to them for this season and would prioritize their academics, faith growth, and stewardship of talents (spiritual gifts) and finances. Does how you spend your time reflect your God-given priorities?

  1. Personal Health

Developing an understanding and practice of patterns that lead to continued personal growth and health in body, soul, and spirit, including sustainable rhythms of worship, work, rest (a regular Sabbath), and play that put God, self, and family ahead of ministry. Understanding and displaying mature and healthy emotional intelligence. Are you treating your body as a living temple for the Lord?

  1. Relational Intelligence

A clear understanding, comprehension, and practice of biblical and social dynamics that lead to healthy interpersonal relationships, including a commitment to “work on becoming more mature” in areas of relational deficiency. Can you navigate relationships and grow in community?

  1. Local Church Involvement

A knowledge and practice of the importance of regular involvement in a local church community for worship and for personal spiritual and relational growth, health and development, including serving within that local community or one of its extension ministries. Are you engaged in ministry and making a difference?

  1. Financial Stewardship

Financial stewardship is a knowledge and practice of the biblical principles of stewardship including giving to the poor and the work of the ministry, not being a “lover of money.” An understanding and practice of a strong work ethic. Are you tithing and giving offerings to the Lord? 

  1. Sense of Calling and Gifting

A knowledge of the spiritual gift(s) God has given them and how that gifting benefits the Body of Christ, including a realistic assessment as to whether or not their spiritual gifting and temperament line up with what is needed to carry out their passion for a specific ministry. Are you doing what God has called and prepared you for?

  1. Leadership

A knowledge of biblical leadership principles, including healthy/unhealthy practices/styles, collaborative leading, servant-leadership, how to rally and inspire people, and how to keep the ministry moving forward toward God’s intended goal. Can you motivate yourself and others to make a difference for the Kingdom of God?

  1. Initiative

Someone who is a ten in initiative shows an intentional heart of servanthood and does not wait to be asked or assigned before recognizing what needs to be done. He or she is purposeful in their serving and is dependable in their leadership. Are you taking the initiative to do what God has called you to do?

We hope you enjoy our checklist and can find areas of growth for yourself! We are incredibly blessed to see the growth in our students this semester, and we look forward to going through this checklist together with our students in our life groups!

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