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November 30, 2016 Mark Kelley, Interim President

President Dr. Mark Kelley

Photo taken by Kellen Ainley Photography

We are privileged to have our students lead many of our weekly chapels. The last one before Thanksgiving combined an emphasis on Thanksgiving and Christmas. The student preacher called it "Christ-giving," which I like so much better than "Happy Holidays."

Christ-giving makes sense, doesn’t it? Every day of the year witnesses the benefit of Christ giving himself to each one of us. We experience Christ giving us a stable planet, air to breathe, family to love and tasks to accomplish. We rejoice when Jesus gives us answers to prayer or that special sense of the Spirit’s presence during worship.

Christ-giving makes sense because this is the time of the year when we feel special tugs of the heart to give. We give gifts to each other, but there is a broader, more expansive sense of giving in the air. We may give volunteer time to a homeless shelter, or a once-a-year check to our favorite mission.

As you enjoy memories of a recent Thanksgiving, and look forward to Christmas, I pray that you remember your EBC/NHCC family. Can you make this holiday season a time of "Christ-giving?" Your gift keeps tuition low and staff morale high. You can make your gift online at https://www.newhope.edu/giving/giving-form or by mailing your check to New Hope Christian College, 2155 Bailey Hill Road, Eugene, OR 97405.


Mary Parker

One warm night a few summers ago, Mary Parker attended a meeting at Willamette Christian Center where Wayne Cordeiro was speaking. She deeply appreciated his message, and began listening to him on the radio.

During a moment of quiet time last February, Mary clearly heard God directing her to “Lead your people.” She didn’t know exactly what “lead your people” meant, but sensed it was a call to prepare for greater ministry than her current service on her church's worship team.

Looking for a college led Mary to visit New Hope Christian College. The college sits on a hill just a few blocks from the church where Mary heard the call to leadership. A flood of tears ran down her face when she stepped in front of the Dream Releaser statue. God was certainly doing something deep in her heart – he was releasing her dream.

Mary is pursuing the Christian Counseling concentration, wanting to learn “what makes people tick.” Freed from alcoholism for the past decade, Mary is committed to sharing God’s strength with others who are struggling in life.

Mary is a single mother of two, so cutting back on her work hours represented a significant challenge. As the fall semester approached, she told God that he needed to open some doors or she wouldn’t be able to afford NHCC. God responded in only two days with a full financial aid award from the federal government. Through Mary's story, we are reminded once again that when God releases our dreams, he also releases the necessary resources.


Your partnership with us in training leaders gives us great courage and joy. Since July 1, 68 donors have contributed $164,019 to the college. This generosity places the college on a strong foundation to end 2016 with all bills paid and some funds in the bank with which to start the New Year. We give God the glory for his provision through our faithful donors.


By Jeff Weinkauf: Chair Tech & Production Concentration

Recently, I took two of our NHCC seniors, Cooper Anderson and Logan Flaming, to work with LMG Concert Promotions. This was a great opportunity, because practical field experience is critical to graduating our Creative Arts majors “market ready”.

Cooper and Logan worked at two “festival” style shows, where multiple bands shared the same stage in all day events. These were extremely demanding work environments, where the guys worked behind the scenes for up to 18 hours per day. The pressure of a professional production quickly reveals a person’s character. Besides the physical demands, there are the unseen relational rigors that come from working with performers and production professionals.

Our students far exceeded everyone’s expectations. They represented the college, their instructors, and their faith exceptionally well. Even under stress, they kept a “can do” attitude the entire day. They were highly competent as skilled laborers, and as leaders and both earned turns taking charge of teams which they led successfully.

Logan’s efforts caught the attention of the David Crowder production team. At the end of the weekend, he was extended an offer to come out with them on their fall Northwest tour. This is a great professional contact for Logan, and it also speaks highly of the quality education he is receiving here at NHCC.


We started our Fall 2016 semester with 123 undergraduate students. Half of our students are from Oregon; the other half come from seventeen other states, Australia and China. Our most popular concentrations are Business Administration, Christian Counseling and Pastoral Studies.


Every pastor needs a Jordan Jackson. Jordan is that guy you can call on when you need someone to lead worship…run the sound board…clean up the building…teach children’s church…spread the word on social media…or just about anything else.

However, serving as the ultimate volunteer can leave one languishing in unsatisfying paid jobs. Enduring such a job prompted Jordan to consider an education that would equip him for a better job and improve his service to the church.

When asked for his overall impression of NHCC, Jordan quickly replied, “You sense the presence of God on campus in a vital way.” He loves being on campus and in class. He reports that his instructors are “stupendous” and that he has made some close friends. Jordan’s smile and willingness to contribute are making a difference on our campus.


By Thomas Kast --- Volunteer for Religious Services at Oregon State Penitentiary

God has given me a passion for preaching Christ in our prisons. For the past several years, I have coordinated religious services for the Oregon Correctional Department. When I started a new service two years ago, I asked New Hope Christian College for a student lead.

I won’t forget the first time Andrew McIntyre came to the prison to speak to the inmates. His nervousness was evident, but the inmates were touched by his commitment to Christ.

After two years of faithful development, Andrew was a real pro during his last visit. He was calm, well prepared and he delivered a biblical message that was right where the inmates needed it.

I’m grateful for a school that gives students basic ministry lessons and then finds them opportunities to put their learning to work. New Hope Christian College can be very proud of the quality of graduates like Andrew McIntyre.


New Hope Athletics is grateful for HUGE support from the college faculty, staff, administration and students! Our teams have enjoyed playing before large and loud crowds at each home game.

The women’s volleyball team added six new players to their roster this year. The young team improved each week and has made great strides these past three years as an NCCAA Division 1 program. On senior night, the team said “farewell” to Alicia Hatzel, Kenzie Nortune and Samantha Clevenger. These women are not just leaders on the team, but also in the classroom and on campus!

The men’s and women’s golf teams were led by senior Trey Harbick, who qualified for the NCCAA Division 1 National Championships for the second year in a row! Trey shot an impressive 2-under-par and tied for second overall in the Warner Pacific Invitational at the Glendoveer Golf Course in September.

The men’s basketball program is led by new head coach Pat De Smet and assistant coach Jamal Lawrence. Jamal played for the Oregon Ducks from 1994-97. The coaching staff has added 10 new talented players to the program. Expectations are high with the new additions and five returning players to make a competitive roster of 15 for this year. The Deacons started a win streak in November with back-to-back wins over Walla Walla.



Come to campus and experience the energy and purpose our students feel every day. Sit in a class, meet current students and enjoy the gorgeous view of the Willamette Valley. Once you’ve spent a day on campus, you’ll know what makes NHCC a special place to grow in Christ.

The main program will be March 10, but arrangements for housing and meals can be made for out-of-town guests for March 9-11.

We deduct $500 from the first semester’s tuition for everyone who visits campus.

Can’t come for Preview Day? Contact Admissions to schedule a personalized visit at 541-485-1780 or email admissions@newhope.edu.