Shaping Lives-Developing Leaders

As a New Hope Christian College’s Creative Arts program graduate, I can attest to the numerous opportunities I’ve had to serve and grow in my calling. I can still vividly recall one of my first work-study jobs: I was tasked with guiding some of our campus vocalists. During this time, I learned the invaluable lesson of patience; teaching others requires an understanding that everyone learns at their own pace. And yet, this experience also taught me the importance of humility as it takes great self-awareness to acknowledge that we, too, have room for improvement in our own craft.

Throughout my young adult years, I was blessed to experience many opportunities for growth in my platform of excellence (vocals) including being on the show “High School Musical: Get in the Picture.” However, teaching has been the most rewarding aspect of my journey. Seeing the joy and growth in my students as they develop their skills and discover their God-given talents brings me so much joy. This passion has led me to establish my own vocal studio with students worldwide such as internationally recognized artists in the industry and on Broadway.

Currently, I serve as the Vocal Performance Director at New Hope Christian and College, where I oversee our choirs, ensembles, and Vocal teams every week. Recently, I had the privilege of teaching breakout sessions at the Worship NorthWest Conference in Keizer, Oregon. It was an honor to encourage and equip worship leaders and teams from around the Pacific Northwest and be a part of something that is so good for our capital “C” church.

As I reflect on my journey, I can’t help but be humbled by the unique ways God has worked in my life. When I was a student at NHCC, I was spending some quiet time with the Lord at the Cross Plaza on campus. It was in that moment of being still at His feet that the Lord inspired me to write the song, “Faithful You Are.” The Lord also impressed on my heart that I would someday return to Eugene to serve His people here in some capacity. In 2019, six years after graduating from NHCC, this calling was fulfilled; Pastor Wayne Cordeiro asked my husband and me to move to Eugene to serve at NHCC.

God is so faithful! His calling on my life has led me to this season where I have the opportunity to pour into the next generation of worshipers at NHCC and beyond. As the mission statement of NHCC highlights, our goal is to develop emerging Christian leaders who are equipped to win souls, plant fruitful churches, and lead as exemplary ambassadors for Christ in the ministry and marketplace. I have been so blessed to have gone to a college that truly believes in and lives out its mission statement.

In conclusion, I am immensely grateful for all I’ve learned through New Hope—academically and spiritually. The skills and tools I’ve acquired here have enabled me to be a successful singer, vocal teacher, choir director, entrepreneur, worship leader, and mission-focused follower of Christ.  I am excited to continue serving and pouring into the next generation of worshipers with the talents and experiences I’ve gained. This is my season to give back, and I am excited for all that God has in store!

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