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Anyone can give a lecture, but not everyone can teach in a way that engages the listener. At New Hope Christian College, we are dedicated to the engagement of our students in order to foster learning rather than just listening. NHCC looks for faculty members who love God above all else, have the same culture as NHCC, have the needed degree credentials, and have professional experience in their field of excellence. NHCC focuses on faculty development in our monthly faculty meetings and in annual faculty workshops because most professionals do not have training in education. 

Faculty development is a crucial aspect of higher education, offering numerous benefits for both educators and institutions. These benefits contribute to the overall quality of education and the success of students. Faculty development programs help educators improve their teaching skills, instructional strategies, and curriculum design. This, in turn, leads to more effective and engaging teaching, resulting in better learning outcomes for students. Faculty development encourages instructors to explore and incorporate innovative teaching methods and technologies into their classrooms. This keeps instruction current and relevant, especially in an era of rapid technological advancements. Furthermore, effective faculty development can lead to increased student engagement. Engaged students are more likely to be motivated, participate actively in class, and retain the knowledge they acquire.

Mary Gross is a wonderful example of faculty development at NHCC. She came to NHCC with a Master’s of Social Work degree licensed as a clinical counselor and over 20 years of experience in her field with no idea how to engage students in the classroom setting. She has been instructing courses at NHCC since the fall of 2013. Through the years, she has been faithful to attend the monthly and annual faculty development meetings and is now one of the most beloved instructors on campus.

Our last faculty development workshop this August focused on creating engaging class time using technologies in the classroom. It was exciting to hear the faculty share about the different technologies they have incorporated to engage students in the learning process. Of course, we use presentations and videos to help students process and learn, but there are many games now that can be catered to the class content. Programs such as Kahoot, Blooket, Nearpod, Gimkit, and Baamboozle are great technologies that help enhance learning in the classroom. Even more classes this year have incorporated technologies, and the students love it! 

In a world where anyone can watch a tutorial on YouTube or read an article online, students need more than a lecture; they need teaching and mentoring from professionals. At NHCC, our staff works hard to make their classes engaging, practical, and meaningful for the students so they can walk away from their classes with newfound knowledge. Our small classes and professional instructors have much to offer our students, and our students can look forward to their classes.

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