Self-Image And God’s Image

We all have our own self-image. My name is Jazmine, and when I was a freshman preparing for college at New Hope Christian College, I had many perceptions about myself, God, and those around me. Through my time here at New Hope, many of these perceptions have changed and shifted.

I am a Creative Arts major who is focusing on Graphic Design. I came to New Hope to improve my skills in graphic design and strengthen my relationship with God, but I was worried that I wouldn’t get accepted into the Creative Arts program because I had so little knowledge of other art fields. I didn’t understand anything musically, to the point where I couldn’t even clap on beat! However, being in an environment where there are so many different students and staff that are all so talented, I was able to grow in skills that I never thought possible. While I am focusing on graphic design, I am also taking a guitar class, vocal lessons, learning how to video direct, and studying the Bible in depth. I have also been able to grow in my design skills far more than I expected. Over the summer, I worked with others to create an entire magazine. This was a great opportunity for learning, and I can now take this magazine with me as a portfolio piece. Since creating this magazine less than a month ago, I’ve also designed several flyers, postcards, social media posts, and more! It is an incredible experience to be surrounded by so many talented people who are so eager to help and teach others.

Additionally, my understanding of the Bible has increased tremendously, resulting in a deeper relationship with the Lord. Thanks to classes such as Exegetical Practicum I & II, I am able to read the Bible and understand what the author meant and how it can then apply to us today. Classes such as Systematic Theology give us a foundation for the basic doctrines of our religion, and multiple communication classes give us the theory and practice to communicate the gospel to anyone in a concise and meaningful way.

Therefore, while I am a graphic design student, I have learned about several other fields of study and gained thousands of hours of hands-on experience. I never once thought that I would be able to learn so much in my time here at New Hope Christian College, but I have been blown away by my own growth and how God has been so consistently good. My self-image has been transformed, and I can confidently say that I have grown closer to the image of God.

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