Read the Bible for All It’s Worth!

Here are three keys to understanding any Biblical text!

1. Contexts 

I have a coffee mug on my desk with the sarcastic adage, “I can do all things through a verse taken out of context,” which highlights the way so many people misuse Philippian 4:13. None of us like our words being twisted and taken out of context; neither does God. Context matters.

2. Contents 

Contents matter too. What specific words did the biblical authors use? What literary devices such as contrasts, comparisons, lists, or repetition did they choose to communicate the Word of God?

3. Form 

“Once upon a time…and they lived happily ever after.” We would read that type of writing differently than “Five ways to improve your leadership…” In the same way, the many different genres of writing in the Bible have unique formal features: The lines within Proverbs rhyme meaning, the Epistles are carefully crafted letters that address specific situations, and the emotive images of Psalms reach the hearts of God’s people teaching us to pray and worship rightly. 

In Exegetical Practicum 1 and 2, students learn to analyze Contexts, Contents, and Form in a five-step interpretive process that ensures that they apply and explain the Word of God accurately. This is a hands-on practicum class taught by our very own Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Donald Grafton.


Student Reviews:  

  • “Exegetical Practicum has literally changed the way that I read the Bible. My relationship with God is more intimate and accurate after really learning from this course, and I know I’m not the only student transformed by this class.”
  • “This course was necessary for my call to preach the Word of the Bible as a pastor.” 
  • “I’ve taken biblical interpretation courses a few times, but I have not had the same biblical oversight or depth into the different levels of studying the Bible as I have since enrolling in this course. My biblical study perspective is changed forever.”


Increase your competency in understanding and communicating the Word of God. Apply now and develop the skill of interpreting Scripture.

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