Proven Theological Education Excellence

Nearly fifty years ago, under the energetic leadership of Dr. Don Bryan, New Hope Christian College began pursuing accreditation with the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE, formerly Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges). The College was granted Applicant Status on April 9, 1974; Candidate Status on October 20, 1980; and Initial Accreditation on October 31, 1983. The pursuit to prove educational excellence carries on today. Accreditation is a federally recognized oversight that ensures the quality of education and the integrity of the institution. Accreditation is a requirement for federal student aid, and more than 95% of New Hope Christian College students received some federal student aid last year More importantly, however, accreditation with ABHE is a Spirit-empowered push to advance biblical education and Kingdom impact.
Every ten years, the College must apply for reaffirmation of that accreditation, and the College is currently in the midst of that extensive process. It begins with a season of self-examination of the College’s commitment to and execution of 141 essential elements of ABHE’s standards of accreditation. The process concludes with an on-site evaluation by a team of ABHE peer members in the spring of 2023.
We believe that ABHE will commend the College for three key areas of development of its students: theology, ministry skill, and character. Our confidence in our theology department is based on how alumni routinely express their appreciation for the theology instructors at New Hope. A recent graduate expressed, “The theology professors were knowledgeable and did an excellent job of teaching in an engaging way. These classes are the core reason I went to New Hope, and I think they were taught with the highest degree of excellence.” When students combine that theological development with the practical ministry skills formed through hands-on involvement in the on-campus lab church, New Hope West, effective Christian leaders emerge.
The foundational component of their development, however, is character, which grows in community through corporate and private devotions, weekly chapel services, and small group gatherings. These life-on-life experiences create a familial atmosphere that promotes spiritual health that ABHE is sure to recognize.
New Hope Christian College, under the leadership of Dr. Wayne Cordeiro, is embracing the chance to prove its educational excellence and continue the legacy of past presidents like Dr. Don Bryan.

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