Passing The Baton

My name is Jazden Martinez, and I am currently a sophomore and intern at New Hope Christian College! In the short year that I have been here, I have been given many opportunities to grow and lead in areas of ministry. These opportunities have positively impacted my life perspective, my spiritual health, and my spiritual discipline. Something that has been standing out to me and that I have been so grateful for recently is the community I have with others.

At NHCC, we are closely connected to our on campus lab church, New Hope West (NHW).  NHW provides internship opportunities for students. Because of the internship program and all of the many opportunities I have been given to lead, I have really learned the importance of community. Pastor Wayne emphasizes that, “Wholeness doesn’t come from isolation, but it comes from community.” This internship has given me the opportunity to grow my faith, surrounded by people who have the same mindset to become more Christ-like.

This summer I was asked to be the director for the High School Summer Internship program. Helping to spear-head the High School Internship has opened my eyes to the joy of raising up young leaders. We get to help develop future leaders through mentoring, doing devotions and just doing life together in a God-centered community. 

The heart behind the program is to provide a safe space for young leaders to discover and develop their passions and giftings, and to ultimately learn how to give them back to God. This week has given me great experience working with high school students, helping them hone in on the things they are passionate about! Not only has this been a great experience for them, but it has changed me and my heart for leadership. Leading in the high school internship exemplified the importance of being intentional to disciple the next generation.   

NHCC has allowed me to grow in my own gifts not just to let them get buried, but to practically use them to raise up the next generation of leaders! Through NHCC, I have learned how to better lead myself and lead others into what it’s like to live for Christ. I am super excited for the next three years of my college experience. I learned more than I could have ever imagined I would in the span of one year. I look forward to deepening my relationship with God and learning how to be a reflection of Him.

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