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“I was looking for a college that would challenge my thinking, develop my skills, and encourage my growth in the Lord, and I decided New Hope Christian College would be the best place for me.”

Jazmine Grafton (Class of 2023)

One of our four pillars at New Hope Christian College is academics. An institution of higher education, NHCC has proven excellence in developing the knowledge and cognitive skills of our students. This semester, we are excited to see the continued growth in our student body. Below is an overview of a few of our highlighted courses that will be taught this semester. 

Taught in the spring, Living Theologically is a student favorite! This foundational and formational course sets students up for a life of doing theology and living biblically. It includes a study of the Christian worldview as it contrasts with other worldviews and values of our culture emphasizing practical implications of relating biblical presuppositions to daily life and vocation as part of living under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Taught by our VP of Academics, Dr. Donald Grafton, this class is a great way for our freshmen to see how their faith affects their worldview and lives in practical ways.

“It was my freshman year when I took a class called Living Theologically that my relationship with the Lord was completely changed.”

Talyn Moe (Class of 2022)

One class we are excited to present this semester is our brand-new course Writing For Thoughtful Leadership. This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to the seven pillars of society (religion, family, government/law, science/education, arts/entertainment, communications/media, business/economy) while evaluating the perspectives on contemporary social issues. Students will improve their written and oral communication skills as they make biblical assertions and advocate for godly solutions. Taught by our professor, Noland Peebles, we are excited to see how this new course will engage the minds of our students.

For students who are interested in our Creative Arts program, the class Cross Training in Technology is an excellent opportunity to give students an introduction to lights, video, and sound. This course will be taught by Kyle Anderson and Peter Thourson who are both professionals with many years of experience working with technology in ministry as well as the marketplace. 

Finally, our Biblical Counseling class is taught by Mary Gross who is a counselor with over thirty years of experience and much wisdom to be shared. This class is one that many students have found helpful in not only developing their leadership skills but also their personal relationships. In this course, students learn the significant topics of pastoral counseling and pastoral care. The course introduces the study of the Bible and the factors that determine and affect pastoral counseling and pastoral care. Students learn important foundational tenets of pastoral counseling as well as family systems and psychological challenges that impede counseling. 

If you are interested in continuing your education in a biblical environment that will engage your mind and develop your thinking and skills, we would love to have you visit us for one of our upcoming Preview Days to learn more about who we are and what we do!

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