Learn and Lead in Fun Ways

Here at New Hope Christian College, we’re all about building up our young emerging leaders in fun and innovative ways! Our students are able to get hands-on mentoring and learning in any setting thanks to our private lessons, small classes, and dedicated staff. Currently, our summer interns are hard at work on campus and expanding their knowledge—both spiritually and academically—with our new summer course titled ‘Leading Ministry Teams‘ taught by our very own VP of Student Affairs, Aaron Cordeiro. 

After having taken this course, our students will have learned how to be effective ministry leaders. They will be able to put together teams, plan, develop, and maintain schedules. Students will gain confidence in developing programs and overseeing team members within the Ministry Leadership program. They will be successful at doing church as a team (DCAT).

Students will be able to

    • identify strengths and weaknesses in team members
    • develop schedules of events for a church setting.
    • develop and execute programs by overseeing a group of peers
    • model doing church as a team in practical settings

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