Leading Teams

Research shows that a team leader has the most direct and significant impact on the experience of the people on the team. One of the greatest qualities of a leader is to lead themselves in order to lead a team well.  In our “Leading Teams” class we will work together to increase our Team Building skills in private and public. We will learn different methods to become more adequate in leading ourselves and our teams. These skills are so vital to our personal and professional development; this course can be life changing.

• Students will be able to identify strengths and weaknesses in a team in order to lead more affectively.
• Students will learn to develop mission, values, and goals in a team.
• Students will develop and execute programs by overseeing a group of peers.
• Students will model doing church as a team in practical settings.

This course is taught by Pastor Wayne and Aaron Cordeiro who have many years of experience in building and leading teams.

Students completing this course will be effective ministry and marketplace team leaders. They will be able to put together teams as well as plan, develop, and maintain schedules. Students will gain confidence in overseeing and developing programs and team members within the Ministry Leadership program.

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