Letter From Advancement

Dear New Hope Christian College Pray-ers,

With praise and thanksgiving for what the Lord has done and is doing at the college, I send this first letter. When asked to chair the Advancement Committee the Lord first impressed me to recruit an Army of Pray-ers. What does this mean? Pray-er as a noun distinguishes an object and pray as a verb distinguishes action. Thus a pray-er is one who prays! Thirty-three have been recruited. More will be added. To each of you, thank you from my heart for your willing involvement.

Each pray-er has or will receive a copy of the “Wells of Supply and Wheel of Progress” article that the Lord gave me. What the Advancement Committee will focus on is rooted in the scriptures from which this article was written. The wells represent college needs, the wheel represents relationships and financial growth in which the college must make progress.

I am calling this letter NEWS AND VIEWS and expect to send it to you monthly. It is based on Psalm 149:6, a “Let the high praises of God be in their mouth and a two-edged sword in their hand”. Letter content will have two parts, Worship and Warfare. Please offer high praise for answered prayer and in prayer Warfare strongly intercede for needs.

PRAISE. A new record was set. Spring Semester began with a 94% return of students. Last year it was 85%, the year before 60%. The college has wisely addressed student retention and attrition. Currently there is a healthy vibrancy among the student body. Briefly college personnel did this……………….

PRAISE AND WARFARE. Currently there are 60 prospective new enrollments for next year, already 18 have been accepted and 16 in process. Pray for Spring Preview Day, Feb. 15 when 25 registered prospective students visit campus.

PRAISE. The College Board last week confirmed appointments to this committee. I will hsare who they are in the next NEWS and VIEWS.

Daily Blessings to you!

Donald R. Bryan Signature
Donald R. Bryan
Advancement Committee