Finding Friends and Responsibility Through Summer Work

Written by Aida Van Horn (Entering Second Semester of Freshman Year at NHCC)

Hello, my name is Aida Van Horn and I am a freshman at New Hope College. I am studying education with the end goal of becoming an elementary teacher. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to have a full college experience through living on campus, having a full academic load, and now having a full-time summer job. This summer job comes highly recommended by many students who have participated in the past. They’ve shared that it not only creates lasting memories but also imparts valuable lessons and skills. This excitement encouraged me as I have not only been able to participate in valuable activities, but I have also been able to reduce my financial burdens through the summer program at NHCC. 

One great highlight of my time spent working with this group throughout the summer has been the magnificent opportunity for fellowship. During our time spent completing a task, whether it is painting or pulling weeds, we are able to make the time fly by sharing our thoughts. The topics range from lighter subjects such as favorite music or movies and have grown into deeper discussions of theology and apologetics. With our group’s fabulous sense of humor, we’ve even created nicknames for each other—mine being “Private First Class Frog Horn,” a playful twist on my last name.  It all began with someone being called a sergeant and developed into a whole system. This will be a lasting memory that connects me to my fellow workers during and beyond this time with one another. Over the summer, there is a strong sense of community and teamwork that can flourish free from the stresses of school and its demands, allowing us to fully enjoy our shared moments.

Another wonderful highlight that has come from my involvement in this summer job is the chance to form new skills that I can carry with me into my future endeavors. I am able to continue forming and exercising my brain outside of the classroom. As mentioned above we are learning real-world skills such as the whole process of revamping a room, maintaining school grounds, and janitorial work. With these tasks, I have seen just how much goes into running and preserving both a college and church. I am able to truly appreciate the work of others, especially that which occurs behind the scenes. Participating in the renovation and upkeep of my school is also deeply rewarding. From this time, I have also grown in my responsibility, especially when it comes to my schedule. I have gotten better at having a strict schedule, specifically in relation to my bedtime, that enables me to get the sleep necessary to be productive during my work day. This job gives everyone a taste of adult accountability or feeling the consequences of irresponsibility.

Lastly, I have also developed a greater sense of financial stewardship and being responsible with the resources God has blessed me with. I am very fortunate to have parents who are willing and able to support the cost of my college education. With the summer job, I am able to participate in the contribution towards my tuition. This job has provided many students with the opportunity to feel relief from the financial burden, a focus of our college through its multiple support programs.

Working a summer job has been a transformative experience, offering valuable opportunities in fellowship, skill development, and financial responsibility. Spending time with fellow team members has fostered a sense of community, strengthened by shared tasks and engaging discussions. These shared moments, free from academic pressures, have fostered lasting bonds and meaningful discussions.  Additionally, the job has allowed me to acquire practical skills and appreciate the effort involved in maintaining an institution. Through these experiences, I have grown in personal responsibility and financial awareness, contributing meaningfully to my education and future endeavors.

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  1. Yay Aida! You’re doing awesome job with this summer work, academic perspective, and middle school camp!
    I love your availability to serve and respects for others that you are looking what is good in people. Thank you for sharing your experience during this summer!

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