Exploring New Horizons

As I start a new and exciting chapter in my life, I am thrilled to introduce myself – Jazmine Grafton, a recent graduate of New Hope Christian College’s Creative Arts program. These years at NHCC have been nothing short of remarkable, developing my mind, skill, and spiritual disciplines. With the guidance of NHCC’s financial advisors, I not only achieved a college education but also emerged debt-free, a feat that granted me both peace of mind and unparalleled opportunities after my graduation.

Venturing beyond the realms of traditional learning, I seized the chance to explore the beauty and diversity of Europe this past summer. I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in May and soon left to explore new horizons. Having graduated debt-free thanks to the financial advisors at NHCC who encouraged me to make the most of scholarship and internship opportunities, I was able to save up while I was a student in order to adventure through Europe. Through my travels across eight countries, I found myself not only capturing countless photographs but also immersing myself in the cultures of different societies. From canyoning on Mt. Olympus to swimming on the beaches in Spain, I had an incredible experience and formed many memories. NHCC’s teachings had equipped me not just with photography, social media, and video skills, but with a unique perspective to navigate and appreciate the unique points of the diverse cultures that I encountered in Europe. I am a better person after having attended New Hope Christian College.

Today, I am exploring a new horizon as I embrace a new role as a staff member at New Hope Christian College where I will work in marketing. The decision to join NHCC’s team was a natural progression. Having just graduated, I know just how remarkable the work that New Hope is doing in order to train Christian leaders and advance the Kingdom of God. If you are seeking an education that goes beyond textbooks, offering a transformation of heart, mind, and soul for God, then I would love for you to join us here at New Hope. Through conversations with NHCC’s financial advisors, the doors to a debt-free education and boundless opportunities await, so follow the call today!

Jazmine Grafton, Class of 2023

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