Equipping Leaders

At New Hope Christian College (NHCC), the Fall season is upon us—leaves are turning bright hues of red, orange, and yellow. This past weekend, we hosted a Harvest Festival on campus as a family friendly alternative to Halloween with bounce houses, game booths, and trunk or treats to entertain our guests. We even had a reptile show throughout the evening and a rock-climbing wall for those who are more adventurous. 

NHCC interns played an integral role in planning, setting up, and serving at the Harvest Fest. Our interns engaged in the planning and execution of this event which served 1,600 members of our community. They worked with our New Hope West (NHW) extension, experience, and Kidz ministry teams to make this outreach a huge success. Students sharpened their team building, marketing and graphic design skills and were provided opportunities to work with outside vendors in the planning and execution phases of this event. During the event, students served on the video and photography teams, capturing the joy of the evening, and later working in post-production to transform the videos and pictures into social media posts and reels.  

At NHCC, we understand the importance of raising up the next generation of leaders who have a strong work ethic and are well-rounded leaders. We are committed to investing in the next generation of leaders—giving them practical opportunities to discover, develop, and deploy their God-given giftings to impact the world for Jesus. When I was a college student, I worked off-campus to help pay my way through school. I am grateful for the heart of our leaders at NHCC and NHW who invest in our students and provide scholarship opportunities for them to serve in their chosen areas of ministry while in school. Students learn from seasoned experts in the classroom and receive practical hands-on experience every weekend in our Lab Church, NHW. By the time they graduate, they will have over 1,000 hours of practical experience. It is far more than simply getting a degree!

We understand that the decision to pursue the call of God in your life by taking that first step in attending college comes with a cost. We also know that this is one of the most important investments you will make in your life as you answer the call of Jesus. Our financial aid team exists to assist students and parents in locating financial resources to help cover the cost of their education. 

Additionally, institutional scholarships are offered here at NHCC to assist students with achieving their God-given dreams. Scholarships awarded in the 2021-2022 school year totaled $379,915. Among those awarded to students were: 

  • Ambassadorial scholarships – up to $3,000/year
  • New Hope West Intern scholarships – up to $8,000/year
  • Summer Intern Program – up to $9,540/year
  • Preview Day Scholarships – up to $1,000/year 
  • JumpStart Program – up to $1,000/year
  • Donor Funded Scholarships – up to $3,000/year
    • Nunn Memorial Married Student Scholarship
    • Veterans Scholarship
    • Taylor Memorial Scholarship
    • Blake Schaufler Memorial Scholarship

For the upcoming school year, we have additional scholarship funds available! Upon acceptance to NHCC, students can apply for our $6,000 Freshman Equip Scholarship. We believe that finances should not preclude a student from pursuing their education. In addition to our internal scholarships, we encourage students to pursue resources available through grants and external scholarships. New Hope Christian College is a Title IV eligible institution, which allows us to offer federal financial aid. The federal government offers grants totaling over $100,000 billion to more than 10 million students each year. Students may apply for these grants by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). We encourage students to fill out their FAFSA in October for the coming school year in order to confirm their eligibility for federal student aid, which includes, Pell Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans, and Federal Work Study. The FAFSA is available on the U.S. Department of Education website: https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa  

“New Hope has a proven record of preparing men and women with excellence and anointing.” Pastor Aaron Cordeiro, Dean of Students 

We have only one life to live for Christ, and this is it. Don’t waste one minute of it! Say “Yes” to the call and join us at NHCC. 

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