Equipped for a Higher Calling

New Hope Christian College and New Hope West have just launched a new School of Church Planters program in conjunction with the upcoming fall Master’s Cohort! Grant Cavaness, a recent graduate from NHCC, is continuing his education through this program. We have asked him to share a bit about what he is looking forward to in this program:

My God dream is to be able to counsel and care for God’s people for the rest of my life. Through this program, I’m confident in the leadership experience that I’ll gather as well as the self-discipline I’ll be able to develop because you can’t lead others if you can’t lead yourself.

The heart of the School of Church Planters (SCP) program is to develop leaders that can plant, build, and improve churches in any and all areas of ministry. The SCP is also helping to prepare us for being godly leaders and examples in the marketplace as well for those who might not want to work in a church.

We are only a couple of days into the program and already talking about essential “dos and don’ts” behind entering into a new church or building one from the ground up. We are learning critical principles around what it takes to be a godly leader—the characteristics therein and the challenges we can expect to face. It’s a truly comprehensive course that ensures we are prepared for whatever we might face in the world. Meanwhile, the church, New Hope West, is giving us the opportunity to take on some of the leadership roles we can expect on our own with the added benefit of a safety net for our inevitable stumbling. I know that I speak for all of the participants when I say that the emotional and financial support we are receiving from the church is an incredible weight off our shoulders and a true window of heaven.

Our lab church is a partnership with the school where students are equipped for a higher calling. Furthermore, students get the opportunity to serve and develop their skills as they invest time into honing their craft. 

If this unique experience interests you, apply now!

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