Enriching Opportunities

Hello, my name is Jazden Martinez, and I am a junior here at New Hope Christian College. As I was searching for which college I was to attend, I wanted a college that would not just teach me knowledge, but transform who I am. My journey here at New Hope Christian College has been exceptionally transformative as represented by my spiritual growth, personal development, and maturation in leadership that emerged from inside and outside of the classroom. Throughout my time here, I have been offered an abundance of hands-on practical opportunities for developing my maturity in every area. Little did I know that being a member of the Associated Student Body (ASB) would become a focal point of my progression as a leader. 

Embracing the opportunities from New Hope and the challenges of leadership, I found that engaging in my leadership opportunity serving on the ASB team provided me with valuable practical insights into life leadership. This meant I was held to lead with discernment, navigate complex situations with biblical wisdom, and make decisions that not only benefited the people I was leading but also sharpened my problem-solving skills. One of the ways that I have personally been transformed in my life leadership is to lead with compassion. Because of the hands-on opportunities provided by NHCC, I have learned how important it is to lead with compassion for God’s people. Whether through ASB activities, school, volunteering, or everyday interactions, I was pushed to grow my love for God and love for people. These experiences nurtured my compassion for people, instilling in me a commitment to lead my life in love and compassion for the community. 

Altogether, my experience at New Hope Christian College, enriched by the opportunities provided inside and outside of the classroom, has been an essential piece in shaping who I am as well as equipping me for the future. The combination of academic knowledge and practical leadership skills has prepared me to navigate the complexities of the real world with confidence, compassion, and a genuine heart to serve others. As I reflect on my short two years at NHCC, I am grateful not only for the education and growth that I received, but also for the abundant personal transformation that will undoubtedly shape my path ahead.

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  1. Kairo, good job. I appreciated the effort for you to write that and it is very appropriate in focus.I am really stoked to hear your own words in describing how the Lord works in the ASB. Keep up the good work.

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