Developing Purpose and Character

Most people question what their purpose in life is. My name is Mercy, and when I started at New Hope Christian College, I was on the search for my purpose. Coming from a background that places personal value in one’s personal work performance, I spent a lot of time questioning what my purpose was. In my last four years at NHCC, I found the answers to many of these questions. 

I am currently finishing my bachelor’s degree in Ministry Leadership with a concentration in Interdisciplinary Studies. In the completion of my degree, I have found that my studies have played a key role in contributing to answering those questions of purpose and value. From my personal experience, classes such as Exegetical Practicum, Kingdom Communications, Ideologies and Ministry, as well as the one-on-one private lessons with the extremely talented artists on staff allowed me to grow as a follower of Jesus, artist, leader, and student of the Word of God. 

In my Exegetical Practicum classes, I found that Scripture held so much more below the pages than I ever could have imagined. In these courses, I was also given the tools to be able to interpret the Bible with a more informed perspective. This allowed me to deepen my understanding of God, thus deepening my relationship with him. In Kingdom Communications I took my skills from Exegetical Practicum to the next level by crafting a series of sermons and getting real experience preaching. The Ideologies in Ministry class also showed me that there are many ways to do ministry, all of which are equally important to build God’s kingdom. In that, each individual is so important to the success of a ministry. Through my one-on-one private lessons with staff at New Hope, I was able to broaden my skills as an artist, which showed me how God works through creativity. 

In my four years at New Hope Christian College, I have been on a journey to look at what I believe about the world around me and in me. In my time as a student, God has challenged me to grow as a leader, student, and artist. I have been changed for the better because of the classes and practical experiences as well as the leaders who have invested in my growth. 

Therefore, as I am completing my time at NHCC, I am confidently walking away knowing what the Word of God says about my purpose on earth, and more importantly who my Heavenly Father is. 

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  1. You are a phenomenal testimony of the goodness of the Lord. I am so, so proud of you! It is a delight and privilege to see the Christ filled woman you have become. The journey continues as you graduate and take the next steps towards your calling. I love you daughter!

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