Desert Song

New Hope Christian College is not your average Bible college. New Hope Christian College is a training ground for Christian leaders where students receive hands-on training and excellent classes before being sent out into the ministry or marketplace to make a difference for the Kingdom of God.

This past weekend was a great example of how NHCC students are going out and making a difference. At New Hope West, our on-site lab church, we had a team of students and staff leading and serving to put on three church services. Students worked together in teams to lead worship, sound engineering, parking, children’s classes, social media, and more. This takes place on a weekly basis so that students are trained in various capacities and work on crafting their skills in a real-world ministry setting.

This week, however, was different from any other, for we also sent out another team of students and staff to another church. Throughout the year, we organize many outreaches to different churches and schools to both bless them with worship and/or a sermon as well as recruit mission-fit students that may be interested in attending NHCC. These outreaches are an incredible time of Holy Spirit anointed worship as well as an opportunity for the students to gain experience in other settings with different churches or schools.

This weekend, we drove to Desert Song Community Church in Redmond, Oregon, where our students led worship for their two church services. We received a few applications for new students and were even able to hang out with their young adults group afterward as we floated a nearby river! It was such a fun opportunity to grow closer to another church in Oregon, and we are already planning our next visit!

Alongside training on Sundays, we also have countless opportunities for growth and training throughout the week as we have classes, private lessons, and student-led ministries. By the time students graduate from New Hope Christian College, they will have between 1,400 and 1,600 hours of hands-on experience. If you are interested in attending a school where you will receive opportunities for character growth and skill development, consider attending New Hope Christian College!

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  1. 1400 to 1600 hours of practice??? I wish I had that when I was a student! definitely gives the student an advantage after graduation

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