tell US your story.

The Creative Arts Faculty use the application to evaluate your creativity, technical competence, eligibility for scholarships, potential for growth within the program, level of commitment, and general fit within the Creative Arts Program.

The Creative Arts Department offers three concentrations (specializations): Music & Worship, Dance & Drama, and Technology & Production. During your time in Creative Arts at NHCC, you will specialize in one of these three areas. Your concentration will be determined by your Platform of Excellence, what you feel to be your strongest artistic area. Those admitted to the program will have an intermediate to advanced level of proficiency in their Platform of Excellence.

All applicants will be automatically considered for a Creative Arts Talent Grant ranging from $500-$2500!

General Requirements for all Creative Arts Applications

All applicants who wish to be considered for the Creative Arts Program should prepare and submit the following:

1. Résumé

Your résumé should include the experiences you've had in the Creative Arts. Venues, events, dates, and brief descriptions are helpful. Tell us (a) events you've led worship/performed for, (b) private lessons you've taken, (c) venues you've led worship/performed in, and (d) activities inside school, and (e) private organizations you've worked with.

2. Letter of Recommendation

Your letter of recommendation should come from a person who has worked directly with you in your platform of excellence (music, drama, dance, or technology & production). In the recommendation letter, we want the writer to give evidence of your skill, diligence, and work ethic in the Creative Arts. We'd also like to know how the recommender knows you (How long have they know you? Have they worked with you inside/outside of a church/worship setting? Do they think you are a good fit for a four-year college-level arts program designed to enhance your skills in the arts and make you ready to serve professionally upon graduation?). Letters must be dated within twelve months of the submission date.

3. Written statement of purpose and desire

Your statement of purpose and desire should answer the question: what are your gifts in the Creative Arts, how have your gifts shaped your past and brought you to where you are today, how do you want to use your gifts to serve in the future, and how do you think studying Creative Arts at New Hope Christian College will bring your closer to that goal?

4. Platform of Excellence Videos (see each concentration for specific requirements)

We want to see you at your best!  Send us materials that highlight your personal style and versatility.