Cowboy Church 2022

The campus looked very different this weekend for our students as we hosted our annual Cowboy Church! As we took a trip into the wild west, students and community members were seen in western wear alongside Clydesdale horses, Norwegian Dwarf goats, and even riding bulls–mechanical, of course! In addition, this year, we hosted a young country music artist from Kentucky, Sam L. Smith, and had over 1,400 people on campus, witnessing twenty-seven individuals say YES! to Jesus.

Nothing compares to witnessing a hand raised in response to the most eternal decision ever made. At NHCC, our students partner with the Holy Spirit in bringing that opportunity to our local community and allowing their leadership experience to flourish. Hours of practicum are poured into developing, planning, and executing such events on our campus, and we applaud our students’ efforts in being a part of it all.

“What was especially fun for me was playing with our guest musicians, especially the steel guitar, banjo, and fiddle players. It felt much closer to real-world experience, and I had to make sure I came to rehearsals knowing the material.”

Eryn Stockton, Class 2022

Cowboy Church allowed our students to experience putting together a production culturally different from what they experience weekly. With that, some of our students played alongside many notable musicians, including professional musician Jay Leach, providing an experience, service, and ministry for a specific demographic of our nation.

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