Career Training in College!

Most people don’t want just a diploma when they graduate. That’s why here at New Hope Christian College, our students graduate with over 1500 hours of practicum experience in their career field. Our vision is to provide Bible college students with a practical way to apply what they learn in the classroom. All of our students and interns are given opportunities to hone their craft in several different areas including creative arts, tech & production, children’s & youth ministry, and more.

Here at New Hope Church & College, our primary goal is to train young men and women for leadership in the Church—the Bride of Christ. Therefore, we have built New Hope West from the ground up as a lab church—a simulator—which provides the students a place to serve and practice their giftings on their own campus. Students are able to get hands-on training in real ministry situations.

One of the most significant problems with tomorrow’s church is not a lack of leaders; it will be an overabundance of underdeveloped leaders in places of leadership. Our program at New Hope is designed to ensure that our students graduate with all the skills that they need to succeed and lead in their calling. After graduation, our students are able to return to their homes or go out into the world as leaders and ambassadors of Christ who know God intimately and accurately and the skills they need to succeed in their careers.

Thanks to my mentors at NHCC, I’ve applied what I learned at college in my church and taught these concepts confidently to volunteers. New Hope’s commitment ensures that, even in a technologically advanced environment, the ultimate goal is to glorify God and reflect His love with excellence.

Josiah Dittman (Class of 2026)

At New Hope West, our mission is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in such a way that turns non-Christians into converts, converts into disciples, and disciples into mature, fruitful leaders who will–in turn–go into the world and reach others for Christ.

At New Hope, we believe that fulfilling this purpose statement is dependent on four different areas of spiritual growth:

  • Evangelism: Communicating the Gospel in contemporary ways that reach the heart
  • Edification: Creating a community of Biblically functioning believers in healthy relationships with one another.
  • Equipping: Discovering the joy of being a fully contributing member.
  • Extension: Responding to His commission to partner with Him in reaching others.

Students work within these fractals alongside community volunteers, and the time spent in these fractals actually counts as credit hours towards their degree. We believe in Doing Church As a Team and encourage everyone to serve in their callings because every member of the church is a minister in their own social circles.

We hope our church can be a place where those who attend can connect to others and find a home. Here at our church, we believe in the core values of inclusivity and redemption, grace and love, and, above all, Christ’s transforming power.

Our totems at New Hope West are:

  • Jesus is our passion
  • The Gospel is our purpose
  • Generosity is our privilege
  • The Bible is our proof

Therefore, at New Hope Christian College, we encourage every student to pursue excellence in their God-given calling. By creating our lab church, New Hope West, we are able to give our students a place to learn and grow with real situations and real ministry.

If you are looking for a degree that comes with hundreds of hours of hands-on experience and mentoring, not just classroom learning, consider applying to New Hope Christian College today and follow God’s call in your life!

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