Building Character and Skill

Hi, my name is Elise Smith, and I have just finished my senior year here at New Hope Christian  College. 

My major was Ministry Leadership with a focus on Interdisciplinary Studies. I chose this to build my leadership and musical skills. When I was choosing what college I wanted to go to, at first I didn’t see why I would ever go to Bible College, but God totally changed my mind and made it very clear that a Christian school is the only place I should go. Although ministry was never a part of my original plan, I am so thankful to have been given the chance to be involved with several different ministries, such as kids ministry, youth ministry, and leading worship. I have learned so many things throughout my time and grown in areas I didn’t expect.  

If it weren’t for the community and support that was provided at the school, I would not be the person I am today. When I saw nothing in myself, leaders around me saw my potential and gave me the chance to try, fail, try again, and grow. One of my favorite community events at the college that really helped get me out of my comfort zone was the bi-annual Open Mic Night. At these events, the student body gathers together to share their passions, share their talents on stage, and support each other. This event has always uplifted me and encouraged me to be myself and share the things I have created. Overall, I am so grateful for the community here at NHCC because there is truly nothing like it. Healthy Christian community is something that is so valuable and can change the way you live your life, and that is what I experienced during my time here.  

One of my most memorable experiences was getting to be a part of the youth team. As a member of the leadership team for New Hope Youth, I got to connect with kids, encourage them, worship with them, and watch them grow on a weekly basis, which has been both challenging and fulfilling. I also got the opportunity to help plan and create the summer camps for our Middle School and High School students. I got to be a cabin leader and a worship leader, and it was so amazing to work together and choose worship sets, games, and activities and watch as the kids responded to God working in their lives. 

I am so endlessly thankful that God knew what I needed better than I did, and that He has used me to glorify Him. 

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