Biblical Counseling

Let me introduce myself, Mary Gross, LCSW, New Hope Christian College department head of Psychology/Counseling Concentration, professor of Psychology and Sociology classes, student advisor/counselor, Search for Life Group leader, and private mental health practitioner. I am blessed to be a part of this great school and seek to bring my areas of expertise to better equip students and Christian leaders in the community to reach the lost, heal the broken-hearted, set the captives free, and build up the body of Christ. 

The counseling concentration of classes at New Hope Christian College is designed to equip Christian leaders to minister, coach, mentor, and guide others on their healing journey. Those who wish further education toward becoming professional counselors will find this biblically-based and psychologically-sound foundation a great asset. Our program overviews the epigenetic influences that surround our lives, as well as addresses the roots of human brokenness as a result of the fall. Students will learn how to utilize sound biblical principles and counseling methods toward navigating this terrain, healing from trauma, and transforming as they grow in Christ. 

“Pastoral Counseling was an essential part of developing my skills for future success in ministry. The importance of being present was a recurring theme that shifted my initial perspective about counseling. Instead of sprinting to solicit advice or being quick to steer someone in a different direction, I was taught to be quick to listen and to remain present. There’s no quick fix to people’s struggles; it is a process that relies on patience, love, acceptance, and wisdom. Professor Gross took the time to instill the importance of partnering with the Holy Spirit to do God’s work and nurturing the heart behind counseling by shepherding us with a biblical foundation.” 

Chris Vasquez, NHCC Class of 2023

In highlighting a segment of the counseling cluster, one highly recommended class is Pastoral Counseling. Many pastors, Christian Education leaders, and lay ministry staff in our churches have never been trained in practical counseling skills such as assessment, rapport building, and understanding the interplay of body, soul, spirit, and environment on human development, to better support the sheep in the healing process. This class will teach and model in real-life scenarios how to compassionately apply the Truths of God through utilizing practical counseling skills to better assist those who are desiring emotional, spiritual, and/or behavioral changes in their lives. It will also support Christian leaders in recognizing when an individual’s presented problems require more medical and psychological expertise as they continue to provide prayer and loving support. It is a foundational class preparing believers to minister within and beyond the borders of the church with skill, wisdom, and empathy. 

Mary has been married 46 years and has enjoyed traveling the world alongside her husband! She loves the outdoors—hiking, biking, camping, and dancing! Mary and her husband Robert have three children, though one lives with Jesus now, and six grandchildren. She enjoys investing in lives of all ages but especially helping to shape the lives of young adults; thus, she is so grateful that God placed her here at New Hope. “May you find this place to be as much of a blessing as I have. The journey begins!”

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