Past Presidents of New Hope Christian College

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Fred L. Hornshuh 1925 - 1930

Fred L. Hornshuh, founder and first president, 1925 – 1930, is known for his great passion for The Word and education.  A graduate of Willamette University, he inspired his three children to graduate from universities and placed such a high value on Bible college education that he gave all his grandchildren their inheritance in the form of a check made payable to Eugene Bible College, redeemable only by attending the college.  Six of his grandchildren, seven of his great grandchildren, and one of his great-great grandchildren have cashed in on that . . . so far, and there are several more looking forward to attending New Hope Christian College. 

E.J. Fulton 1934 - 1947

Everett J. Fulton, 1934 – 1947 “’If God wants me to be a preacher, why doesn’t he give me a church to preach in?’  God has a way of making a man put up or shut up.  My question was hardly asked before a call came to me to take a pastorate.  It was from the second largest church on the Pacific Coast, the Lighthouse Temple, in Eugene, Oregon.  The call almost overwhelmed me.  I still considered myself an embryonic preacher.  I accepted the call and went to Eugene.  During that time I reorganized and became president of the Bible school [now known as New Hope Christian College].  God gave me one of the most fruitful and satisfying 13 years of my whole ministry.” 

Harvey C. Klapstein 1951 - 1965

Harvey C. Klapstein, 1951 – 1965 became the first full-time president for the college.  He had an intense drive for action and with his enthusiasm and ability to organize and communicate his vision to others, things began to happen.  His promotional ability led to strength of the school among the churches as well as within. The curriculum was strengthened according to accreditation standards with a three-year course. Perhaps a fond memory for many was the old bus, purchased during his tenure, which served as music, athletic and evangelism transportation for many years (through many engine replacements).

Edward L. Wood 1965 - 1971

Reverend Edward L. Wood’s passion was to train and develop leaders.  In a letter, October 28, 1991, he wrote that during his presidency 1965 – 1971, “We took the faculty out of the dorms as dorm parents; we sold faculty members houses the college owned, at the price we had paid for the houses, to encourage tenure; we initiated the Faculty Degree Upgrading program; we instituted twelve month salaries for faculty; we provided S.O.S. and Insurance coverage for faculty; we required curriculum files for each class/instructor; we purchased 13.3 acres of land for campus development and directed the original architectural design; we amortized all mortgages as scheduled; we eliminated the saw dust heating system and connected to the city steam system; we added greatly to the library.” 

Donald R. Bryan 1971 - 1987

Dr. Bryan assumed the EBC presidency with a sense of inadequacy for the task, but claimed the job on the basis of Ecclesiastes 10:10 as a prophetic promise from the Lord.  If he was willing to learn and work hard, God would provide the needed wisdom to ‘strengthen and sharpen his ax.’”  (Heart for the Harvest, Farmer and Johnson)

“I knew I could not do it alone, so the first person I hired was Clayton Crymes to serve as academic dean and to take leadership in the effort to receive authority from the State of Oregon to confer 4-year degrees…a no small feat…and to be granted Accredited Membership of the American Association of Bible Colleges (AABC).”

During his tenure, the College was moved from downtown to the Bailey Hill campus on “Miracle Hill.” Through a series of unexpected financial events three property mortgages were retired, and EBC became the national Bible college with the merger of three colleges in 1986.

“When I think of what we had and where we went, I would say the development of the campus was the biggest achievement.  There were unusual financial miracles that allowed us to do what we set out to do.”

His leadership, his vision and ministry certainly trumped Dr. Bryan’s initial sense of inadequacy.

Jeffrey E. Farmer 1988 – 1996

“NHCC changes history and it changed me, because her mission captivates called men and women, and tattoos indelible marks on their hungry hearts.   As a student I was thus shackled, then wooed with extravagant love.  The Bible college ran rough-shod through the highway of my life, and enslaved me to NHCC as a lifetime lover.  I will forever be indebted and never be the same.  I join a long legacy of graduates who have changed lives, communities, and nations.

Serving as her seventh president was a dream beyond all expectations.  How grateful I am to God for the high privilege of training students preparing to follow Christ.  Each one was royalty.  Few things in life compare with the excitement and deep joy of equipping laborers for the harvest.  Many found life-time mates there; everyone made life-time friends.”

Robert L. Whitlow 1996 - 1998

 A 1954 graduate of the College, and experience of university administration and missionary work, Dr. Whitlow served as president for two years.  Dr. Whitlow’s most lasting legacy may be the acquision of the former Skinner Butte Cross from the city of Eugene.  After the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal, the City Council selected our Bailey Hill campus because of its beautiful and visible hillside location and its suitability and stabilitiy as a Christian organization.  Though his tenure didn’t last long, his legacy is a vibrant cross, lit each evening as a witness to the community.  (Heart for the Harvest, Farmer and Johnson)

David L. Cole 1998 - 2010

The office of president was not one Dr. Cole sought; the office sought him and because of his compassionate personality and character during his tenure he was trusted to serve as God’s agent to bridge the transition from old to new, leading New Hope Christian College to move into its bright and strategic future.  “I am honored to testify to the clear direction of the Holy Spirit, and in appreciation for the strong and visionary leadership from Gary Emery, Jeff Farmer and many courageous board members, through which Wayne Cordeiro was welcomed back home to his alma mater to become chancellor and then president.”

“During my time as president it was my pure delight to sow seeds of encouragement and vision into the lives of hundreds of young men and women who are now serving in significant vocational and marketplace ministry assignments around the world.”

Under Dr. Cole’s leadership over two million dollars were received from our boards of directors and trustees, our pastors and churches, and our alumni and partners to build the Rexius Event Center, an amazing facility which will serve NHCC well for decades to come.  “To God be the glory!”

Wayne Cordeiro 2010 - 2011

Wayne Cordeiro is a church planter at heart, with over 108 churches planted in the Pacific Rim countries of the Philippines, Japan, Australia and Myanmar.  Given a divine passion and vision to train and equip men and women to serve God, it was a natural for Dr. Cordeiro to assume presidency over his alma mater, Eugene Bible College, renamed New Hope Christian College.  NHCC is now part of a consortium of New Hope Christian Colleges with locations in Hawaii, Oregon, Myanmar and Tokyo.

He has authored eleven books, including such classics as Doing Church as a Team, Dream Releasers, Seven Rules of Success, Attitudes That Attract Success, Divine Mentor, Leading on Empty and his latest, The Irresistible Church.  Wayne is also the author of the Life Journal, which is being used by thousands of churches worldwide, and is bringing people back to the Word of God.  His legacy includes a multitude of leaders whom he has mentored for Kingdom work.

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