Advice From Our Alumni!

Just as a new semester marks the beginning of an exciting journey, New Hope Christian College (NHCC) is thrilled to extend a warm welcome to all our students. We’ve had a blast spending time with our new and returning students through studies, worship, and fun activities! Our graduates have some valuable advice for our new students who are beginning their journey here at NHCC, and we’re excited to share it with you.

A graduate from the class of 2022 offers encouraging words to new students: “Give everything a try, even if you think you know what you want to do or what you’re good at, try it all until you’re sure. Who knows what else God has put into you waiting for you to find!” Numerous students advocate for the pursuit of knowledge and experience. NHCC is dedicated to providing its students with a multitude of avenues for growth and learning across various disciplines. With our students’ best interests at heart, our faculty members wholeheartedly support exploration and trying new things. Programs like our practicum afford students hands-on exposure within real ministry settings, while private lessons offer the chance for personalized guidance from seasoned professionals.

Additionally, our alumni encourage new students to trust God. One student advises, “Don’t worry about how things will work out; just trust that God will work things out and follow what He has called you to.” Another student says, “This place is absolutely a calling. Have faith if you are deciding to come here that God will work out any details. Do not worry as you walk because when God is the one leading your steps, it is impossible to go astray.” The theme of God’s calling consistently resounds in the stories of our graduates. At NHCC, we firmly believe in each individual’s unique calling from God, and it’s their prerogative to heed that calling. Our dedicated staff spares no effort in assisting students in their journey to follow that call.

Therefore, we encourage everyone to try out new things and find their calling! Our graduates are great examples of modern leaders who continue to trust God and follow His plan. Once again, we welcome our new students and thank everyone who has contributed to making their journey here at NHCC possible.

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