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New Hope Christian College

Bachelor of Science

Ministry Leadership


Our Mission

The Ministry Leadership degree program is designed to develop and prepare Christian leaders for both vocational ministry and marketplace positions in the world. Core Christian Ministry courses provide students with foundational knowledge and skills for effective Christian leadership while the various program concentrations offer students the ability to more narrowly focus professional education in their anticipated area of vocation.

Pastoral Ministry

The Pastoral Ministry concentration trains and prepares students to shepherd, preach, teach, administrate, and give pastoral guidance and direction in either church or parachurch ministries while developing strong leadership characteristics, a disciplined Spirit-filled life and the ability to effectively minister biblical principles from a pastoral perspective.

Christian Counseling

The Christian Counseling concentration prepares students to provide solid pastoral counseling, to approach Christian counseling ministries from a biblical perspective and to provide an academic foundation adequate for entrance to graduate programs in counseling.

Christian Education

The Christian Education concentration equips students to effectively lead local church Christian education programs and to disciple others through leadership, teaching, and training.

Business Administration

The Business Administration concentration trains students in the perspectives, tools and skills that are necessary to understand, appreciate, and successfully negotiate in the realm of organizational and business operations and decision-making while remaining true to biblical foundations.


  • Knowledge of contents and nature of the Bible
  • The ability to correctly interpret, understand, apply, and communicate Scripture using the
    “historical-grammatical” approach
  • Ability to reason clearly and biblically about the Christian faith through an established
    theological method
  • Develop implementable discipleship plans in the area of one's passions and giftings
  • The ability to communicate with an astute awareness in verbal and written form for the
    purpose of leading others to deeper devotion to Christ
  • Observable program specific ministry skills of project executions, influence, and building
    and leading teams
  • Visibly improved character
  • Established habits for spiritual vibrancy