On Track to Success!

Students who graduate from New Hope Christian College graduate with both the experience and degree they need to lead and make a difference for the Kingdom of God. However, without an accrediting agency holding NHCC … Read More

Christian and Social Responsibility

By Nathan Amerson (1) How should the believer live out their faith in the world and in the communities where we live? What is the responsibility of Christ followers outside the four walls of the … Read More

Developing Purpose and Character

Most people question what their purpose in life is. My name is Mercy, and when I started at New Hope Christian College, I was on the search for my purpose. Coming from a background that … Read More

A Place to Belong

In May of 2021, my Women’s Bible Study buddy told me she was attending a new church in town. I couldn’t believe my ears when she told me the pastor’s name, Wayne Cordeiro! Wait, What? … Read More

Salt & Light

At New Hope Christian College, we are dedicated to the spiritual health and growth of our students. We exist, as our mission statement states, “To disciple emerging Christian leaders by developing their theology, ministry skills, … Read More

Doing Church As a Team!

Last week, our team hit the road and attended the annual Worship Northwest Conference, hosted at the Dayspring Fellowship, in Keizer, Oregon. For a big event like this, we love to put the DCAT (Doing … Read More

Building Character and Skill

Hi, my name is Elise Smith, and I have just finished my senior year here at New Hope Christian  College.  My major was Ministry Leadership with a focus on Interdisciplinary Studies. I chose this to … Read More

A Home Away From Home

At New Hope Christian College, the sense of community is palpable from the moment you step foot on campus. From the staff to the students, there’s a warmth and inclusivity that made me feel like … Read More

Finding God’s Calling

Hello, my name is Niki Sato! I am a Fall 2023 graduate from New Hope Christian College.  I was a subpar Christian before attending NHCC. I thought I knew God’s full potential for myself, and … Read More

A Velvet Brick

In many colleges, a student is usually just another number in a large classroom setting and is lost amongst the vast majority. Here at New Hope Christian College, you are known and prayed for by … Read More