Cultural Intelligence in the Digital World

Did you know that Cultural Intelligence or CQ is much more important than your IQ? More people are being hired by corporations because of their cultural intelligence (CI) or cultural quotient (CQ) than ever before. … Read More

Learn and Lead in Fun Ways

Here at New Hope Christian College, we’re all about building up our young emerging leaders in fun and innovative ways! Our students are able to get hands-on mentoring and learning in any setting thanks to our private lessons, small … Read More

Summer Essentials

Student life’s goal is to encourage students to live each day with purpose and intentionality.  At New Hope Christian College, we intentionally provide opportunities for students to grow spiritually, physically, and relationally during their time … Read More

Read the Bible for All It’s Worth!

Here are three keys to understanding any Biblical text! 1. Contexts  I have a coffee mug on my desk with the sarcastic adage, “I can do all things through a verse taken out of context,” … Read More