A Place To Call Home

New Hope Christian College is a place of excellence. Excellence in our academics, providing opportunities for mastery of subjects through intensive learning and real-world application. Excellence in our students, whose character sets them out as examples of dedication and fruitfulness. Excellence in our staff and faculty, who have a passion for serving Jesus and developing the next generation of leaders. And then, there was dorm life. 

The women’s dorm has a rich history. It is named after the founder of the College, Fred Hornshuh Sr. But sadly, the living experience no longer matched the richness of the history. So the women of New Hope West began to dream. How amazing would it be to bless these women students the way they bless us in the Church?!? How amazing would it be to provide for them a living and learning environment that reflected how we treasure each one of them?!? That was in some measure equal to the energy and effort they give to their academics, to their spiritual growth, to serving the greater community of believers at New Hope West?!?

Over the course of this last year, teams from the College and the Church’s women’s ministry were able to collaborate on how to revitalize Hornshuh Hall. They were able to visit dormitories on local campuses and learned what a great residence Hornshuh Hall really is. It provides plenty of space for learning and living, space to concentrate and to collaborate; it just needed to be refreshed and renewed. So floors were replaced, walls were painted, lighting was brightened, and access to technology was enhanced. The environment now better matches our heart for our students. There are some final ‘touches of home’ yet to be completed, including updating furnishings in the common areas and prayer rooms, and the women of New Hope West are excited to help with some of the details that will make these dorms a place where our students can truly do life together.

“The renovations in the girls’ dorm created a warmth, an atmosphere that feels like home. The new flooring and light-up mirrors made a big difference. With the updates, the girls are getting together more and building community” [Winnie Mears, Sophomore at NHCC].

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