A Place to Belong

In May of 2021, my Women’s Bible Study buddy told me she was attending a new church in town. I couldn’t believe my ears when she told me the pastor’s name, Wayne Cordeiro! Wait, What? New Hope has set up camp in Eugene? Dennis and I watched him on YouTube for 18+ years and could not believe he would leave a tropical paradise to come here. We went to service the very next Sunday. Much to our shock and delight, we found there were many people who had left Hawaii and moved to Oregon with him. We made the decision right then and there to make New Hope West our home church.

It’s a little uncomfortable starting at a “new church.” Although we saw some familiar faces, most of them didn’t know our faces! YouTube isn’t that interactive. The best way to get to know the church and feel like a part of it is to get involved. Dennis and I were ready to dive in and start serving; however, we didn’t sense that we would be pursuing our previous roles in children’s ministries. We were gratefully encouraged to see how many different ways there are to get plugged in here. 

I signed up to volunteer in reception. It was a perfect location to meet and have daily interactions with the church and college staff and volunteers. At this time in our lives, we are also experiencing the empty-nest syndrome. So having conversations and interactions with the students helped me fill that void. During our conversations, I listened for ways that I could help or encourage them. Little things really, an encouraging card, watching their soccer games, providing soup when they are sick, a sounding board as they work through situations, providing rides to and from work, wool socks for cold winter days, making ice cream cakes on their birthdays are some of the fond memories I have so far. 

My volunteer time at reception turned into regular employment. After being hired on at NHCC I was off on the hunt for a new way to serve. I joined the Levites. I love working alongside other church members and it has helped me meet even more people. There’s something very special about being here in the wee hours of the morning vacuuming the carpets alongside all the other worker bees preparing for another chance to be a part of providing a place for people to come to Jesus possibly for the first time or to continue on their walk.

On campus, many organized events allow us to do life together. Open Mic Night, Refresh Night and Saturday Work Day are some of my favorite events. 

Being hired on at NHCC also afforded me the opportunity to be a Life Group Leader to some students. This is a very vital, integral part of their college experience.  As a mentor I have the privilege of praying with them through their struggles, celebrating with them in their victories, and speaking truth in love to them as we do life together. 

If you are looking for somewhere to spend your time and invest in the next generation, NHCC has a place for you! We would love to hear from you and partner with you as we build up the next generation for the kingdom of God.

Email: admissions@newhope.edu

Call: 541.485.1780

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  1. Aww thats such a sweet testimony! It’s amazing to see the students grow and develop through what God is doing on campus

  2. What a great story! and Lisa is amazing, her love for God and others is clear and real and evident. Her and Dennis both are true servants and make a difference all over the place, but mostly in the hearts of others. I love these guys.

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