A Home Away From Home

At New Hope Christian College, the sense of community is palpable from the moment you step foot on campus. From the staff to the students, there’s a warmth and inclusivity that made me feel like I belong here.

Hi! I’m Daniel Cunha Vicente. I am 23 years old and an international student from Portugal. My experience at New Hope Christian College has been incredibly uplifting. From the moment I arrived on campus, I felt a sense of joy and belonging that I wasn’t expecting. It’s like stepping into a big family where everyone genuinely cares about each other. The atmosphere here is so positive and welcoming. Whether chatting with classmates in the cafeteria or joining a study group in the library, there’s always a friendly face and a warm smile to greet me. It’s impossible not to feel happy and at ease in such a supportive community.

Making friends at New Hope has been effortless. It’s as simple as striking up a conversation with someone in my dorm or doing activities that align with my interests. What sets New Hope apart is its strong foundation in faith.

Being surrounded by fellow believers has deepened my spiritual journey in ways I never imagined. Whether it’s attending chapel services together or participating in Sunday service, I’ve found encouragement and support in my faith every step of the way.

Beyond the campus boundaries, the sense of community extends into the wider world. The amount of opportunities that New Hope provides is amazing, keeping us excited with our faith, and It is an amazing way of getting out to evangelize and to know new things and people. For example, I’ve had the chance to participate in outreaches to schools where I used the skills I acquired in music to play worship, spreading positivity and joy to others. During our spiritual growth conference, we went into the community to give donuts to the homeless and pray for them, showing them love and compassion in practical ways. These experiences have not only kept me excited about my faith but have also allowed me to evangelize and connect with new people in meaningful ways.

In summary, my experience with the community at New Hope Christian College has been nothing short of amazing. I feel happy, supported, and loved—a place I’m proud to call home. If you’re looking for a college where you can truly belong and find friends who feel like family, then New Hope is the perfect choice.

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