3 Ways This Fall Has Been Different

Just as the seasons cycle year after year, so too does life at New Hope Christian College. In the fall we have students returning to campus full of energy and excitement and enjoying the mild Oregon weather. In the winter students recuperate from their panic to finish their fall courses, and they return to unpredictable rain and even occasional snow for spring classes. In the spring momentum builds in our recruiting efforts and our Easter preparations, and the spring semester culminates in celebrating Christian exemplars who have completed their degrees. Then over the summer, we prepare for another year by designing student experiences, engaging perspective students, and sprucing up campus. However, even with the predictability of the cyclical nature of the seasons, each year is different from the rest. At NHCC this fall is different from previous falls in three areas: student experiences, academic improvements, and campus upgrades.

Student Experiences

We often describe all the ministry opportunities our students have here on campus because with our lab church, New Hope West, they really do get incredible experiences. But this fall has seen an increase of additional ministry opportunities. Students engaged the city during our Spiritual Growth Conference. Students are stepping up to fill vacant pulpits of local churches. Students are regularly ministering at local elderly care facilities.

This serious ministry engagement is balanced with the lighter types of experiences. Students are enjoying a new ping-pong table and are looking forward to an upcoming tournament. Cafeteria games at lunch have made a favorable return. And while maybe the guys are a little rambunctious with their airsoft battles outside the men’s dorms, at least there have been no injuries—praise God!

Academic Improvements

While we strive to improve student learning every year, this year has been one of the most fruitful. Courses are being designed with greater intentionality and expertise. Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our youth and the weakening American educational system, we have to work harder, smarter, and with greater spiritual insight to achieve the same student learning from years past. We embrace that challenge! Christ is worthy of it, the Church is in need of it, and our students are better for it. This fall we have revamped three courses in particular: Living Theologically, Writing for Thoughtful Leadership, and The Context & Contents of the New Testament. Each of these will better engage the students, challenge the students, and prepare the students to serve Christ in the ministry and marketplace.

Campus Upgrades

This summer’s campus projects solidified the Flint building as the Hub of student learning! Faculty and staff purged the library of outdated devotional material and material that has been digitized. Certainly, we kept seminal works and much-needed reference materials, but this has freed up the east wing of the library for room for a class and video recording studio. We also re-floored, repainted, and rearranged the rest of the library to improve student traffic. And it has worked! Students are utilizing a new seating area, an improved conference room, and the new classroom area and studio set. The building is also getting new siding to protect the improvements we have made.

The students have just wrapped up their fall courses and are embracing the Christmas season. We look forward to their soon return fully rested and fully invested to improve themselves for lives of Kingdom service. Spring is coming, and the cycle continues. However, words cannot adequately express the difference we have experienced this fall. So come see for yourself! 

Fall 2023 Highlights:

First week back to school: freshmen orientation, classes begin again, and our first convocation chapel

Cowboy church with New Hope West at the Lane Event Center:

Our first Gospel Choir performance:

Preview Day with a sample class, campus tour, Q&A, and more:

MAFL trip to Japan where our master students got to learn about cross-cultural ministry in a real setting:

Filming for our new parody, directed by our graduate Talyn Moe:

Annual Harvest party for our staff and students:

One of our NHCC teams providing worship, a special skit, and a message to the leaders at Lane County:

Semesterly Spiritual Growth Conference:

Annual Harvest Fest with New Hope West as an outreach to our community:

Our semesterly Open Mic Night:

Semi-annual All-Star Game:

We have had countless great moments and highlights from this semester, and these are just a few!! It has been an amazing semester, and we would love for you to visit us on campus to be a part of it with us.

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